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Whenever I go inside a mall, may it be for an errand or a Saturdate with the hubby, one of the hardest questions to answer is, "Where do we eat?". Funny as it may seem, but that's the reality because there's just so many restaurants in a mall that we tend to get confused as to where we'll have our lunch or dinner. But usually, my choices will always be the new restaurants because I love to try new stuff, write a blog about them and share to my friends my thoughts about the place. 

So when I got invited to be part of a Food Crawl at SM Manila's newest restaurants, I was very ecstatic! Thanks to Ms. Jules Veloso for giving me an opportunity to be part of SM Manila's Manilennial Eats last Dec 7, 2016. During the event, we went to 12 newly opened restaurants all over SM Manila that are considered as great hangout areas for family and friends with dishes and ambiance that are truly IG-worthy! 

We started off with Buffalo's Wings and Things. It's a restaurant that specializes in Buffalo Wings with a lot of choices when it comes to flavors and level of hotness from Mild to a waiver-requiring Hot! But besides these chicken wings, they also offer items such as Buffalo Burgers, Bacon N Cheese Fries, Chicken Quesadillas and NY Cheesecake Ice Cream.

We were able to try their Garlic Parmesan Champion Buffalo Wings and No Bones Fun Chicken Tenders.

I love Garlic Parmesan so I really enjoyed eating both dishes although I prefer the Champion Buffalo Wings because I feel like it's more tasty compared to the No Bones Fun. I also wish that it would be less oily to avoid "umay" and if you do feel that "umay" factor, their Down Town Iced Tea can help counteract it. To get updates on Buffalo's Wings N' Things promos, you may add them on Facebook and Instagram.

Next stop is Teresita's. This restaurant that specializes in serving every Filipino's favorite home-cooked meal is actually owned by Razon's. Their best-sellers are Kare-Kare, Kaldereta, Palabok and of course, Razon's famous Halo-Halo. 

We tried out their Kare-Kare and I loved how you can really taste the peanut in its sauce and the meat/tripe/oxtail is flavorful. Definitely something that I will enjoy eating with rice. Unfortunately we weren't able to try out their Halo-Halo due to time constraints but I've already tasted Razon's Halo-Halo before and I can honestly say that it is one of the best Halo-Halo I've tried. 

To know more about what Teresita's has to offer, you can follow them on their social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.

If you are looking for delicious seafood dishes at a very competitive price, you might want to drop by the 3rd restaurant we tried out.

Choobi-choobi serves ala carte items and dishes good for sharing that are best eaten using your hands or you may use the plastic gloves that you can ask from the servers. They made us try their newest product which was the Stan's Black Pepper Shrimp Version 2.0 which has 18-20 pieces of freshly cooked shrimp that can be very addictive.

Learn more about Choobi-choobi's best sellers by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to taste an internationally known chicken snack famous in different countries in Southeast Asia, then Hot Star is the place for you. It serves deep fried chicken with different flavors like Salt and Pepper, Chili Pepper, Barbeque Sauce, Sweet and Sour or Red Hot as well as deep fried Pork Chops and Fish. 

Truly a very addictive snack which is surprisingly not too oily despite being deep-fried. I've tried their Barbeque Sauce Original Large Chicken and I loved it. Can be paired with rice or enjoy it as it is.

Get updates on promos and new offerings by following Hot Star's Facebook and Instagram account.

For Japanese cuisine lovers out there, SM Manila has 3 new restaurants that offer authentic Japanese dishes at very affordable prices: Tokyo Joe, Ramen Cool and Ramen Kuroda. 

Tokyo Joe offers affordable Japanese Rice Bowls, Ramen and Teishoku Set Meals that are delicious and tummy-tummy filling:

I was able to try their Joe's Chicken Teriyaki, Katsu and Gyudon and I loved every single one of them. Their chicken teriyaki is tender and has the perfect sweetness, the katsu is very much flavorful with perfectly cooked egg and the gyudon is not hard to chew with well-caramelized onions that compliment the whole dish. 

We were also able to try their California Maki that I liked so much. It has a generous amount of crab sticks compared to other affordable maki.

To know more about Tokyo Joe, visit their social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram

Next Japanese Restaurant is Ramen Cool. This is not the first time I've tried this restaurant so I already know how good their dishes are. Although they are a bit pricey than Tokyo Joe, their dishes has bigger servings. I also love their interior that gives you a Japanese feel. 

Their specialties are Salmon dishes and Ramen. We were able to try one of their best sellers which is the RCool Ramen. It is a miso based ramen composed of braised pork belly (Chashu), egg, corn and crab stick that is very flavorful and has a huge serving that is good for 2-3 persons.

They also have maki, sashimi and Iced Matcha that I've tried before and I recommend that you should try out as well because I can attest that they are all tasty and delicious. 

Another Japanese Restaurant that can be found in SM Manila is Ramen Kuroda that specializes in Noodle Soup Bowls with best sellers like Shiro, Abu and Kuro Ramen. Unfortunately, we weren't able to try them out during our food crawl but will definitely try them out the next time I visit SM Manila.

With all those food we've tried, it's best that we take a break and try out something sweet, so our next stop was at Wicked Waffle. Obviously, their specialties are desserts that involves waffles such as Waffle Sundaes and Sandwiches. They also serve Breakfast Waffles and different types of beverages like Frappes and Coffee Blends. 

We tried their Berry Banana Split Waffle Sundae that everyone devoured happily. It has perfectly made waffles that are soft and fluffy with a bit of crispness on its surface topped with a generous amount of ice cream, fruits and syrup that has the right sweetness.

If you want affordable dishes that will make your tummy happy, you should try and visit 8 Street Bites. They have a wide range of dishes from rice dishes, pasta, burgers, buffalo wings, beverages and desserts that are very much affordable. That is why most of their customers are students from schools near the area. 

We tried 8 Street Bites' Cheese Nachos and Country Fried Chicken Steak with Milk Gravy during our visit and I must say that their Nachos tasted good but I hope that they could've added a bit more toppings. As for the chicken, I love the crispy outside and the tender meat inside although I didn't like rice which I felt tasted a bit off.

Know more about 8 Street Bites by visiting their Facebook and Instagram account. 

At this point, we were very much full already, but the next restaurant that we visited served us so many food and surprisingly, we finished them all up. 

Mad For Pizza is a pizza parlor where you can create your own pizza by picking your sauce, meat, veggies and cheese toppings. They also serve different types of fish, chicken, pork and beef rice meals.

When the food was served, the different colored beverages made me very interested because they looked really nice as they were placed in a mason jar. They also served 2 types of pizza, Creamy Salmon Alfredo, Creamy Mushroom Chicken Fillet, their very unique Danggit Pasta, Funky Monkey and Mango Supreme. 

With all those dishes served, I was only able to taste the Danggit Pasta, Garlic Shrimp Pizza and Mango Supreme. I'm more into white sauce pasta but I enjoyed the Danggit Pasta especially that the Danggit was still crisp and flavorful. I also enjoyed the Garlic Shrimp Pasta that was very creamy and tasty. The Mango Supreme was also yummy, although it tasted like the refrigerated graham cake that I usually make every Christmas. 

All in all, the food at Mad for Pizza was great and affordable especially the Create your own pizza. To know more about them, you may follow their Facebook Page.

If you love Korean Food, Red Table is the restaurant that I can recommend as they serve authentic Korean dishes at very competitive price.

Enjoy the traditional Samgyeopsal which is fried seared pork belly served with lettuce, rice, kimchi and soup. Best eaten when meat is freshly cooked to avoid the fat/oil to solidify. 

Since i'm not really fond of eating veggies, I only tasted the meat which was very tender and flavorful. But I'm pretty sure Korean cuisine lovers will enjoy having a meal at Red Table.

Lastly, we visited a restaurant that specializes in tender and juicy steaks. They also offer Burgers, Pasta, Chicken, Sausages and a whole lot more. What makes them different from other restaurants is that their servings are way more bigger than usual.

Big Daddy's made us try their Seafood Penne which I surprisingly enjoyed despite its red sauce. I love white sauce pastas better but I liked their Seafood Penne. One serving is good enough for 2-3 persons, perfect for family and friends who want to just get full and enjoy great tasting dishes.

To know more about Big Daddy's, visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

Thankfully, that ends our SM Manila Food Crawl. It was a first for me and I am very much happy that I had been a part of such a fun and tummy-filling experience. I got to taste different dishes from 11/12 restaurants at SM Manila and I would sincerely like to thank Ms. Jules Veloso for having me and I hope to work with you again soon. 

photo grabbed from SM City Manila's Facebook Page
I hope you guys visit these restaurants as well when you are in the area and I hope you can comment your feedback on my blog or on my IG Food account. To know more about the other restaurants that SM Manila can offer, you can check out their social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don't forget to use the hashtags #ManilennialEats and #iheartfoodph when you post photos of your own food adventure in SM Manila. Enjoy and Happy Eating!

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