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Change is constant and is applicable in all things even in education. Back when I was still a kid, I was asked to go to school and study very hard then when I get back home, my parents would teach me and help me with my homeworks or review me for upcoming tests. But now, the education system has evolved with different forms which I am very open in discovering these innovations because I always seek the best for my kids.


Last October 22, 2016 I was invited to be part of the Sixth annual Philippine Homeschool Conference Expo (PHC) held at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premier in Taguig City. With this year’s theme “From roots to wings”, PHC hopes to nourish the firm foundation that they have with parents by continuing to equip them with knowledge and virtues that would help them soar together. 

The event, led by the Homeschooling Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI) gathered some of the country’s experts on homeschooling to share their insights on the importance and implications of homeschooling.


Among them was Eric Nicdao, District Manager of Philam Life. Nicdao explained that while there are distinct advantages to homeschooling, it is never without a challenge. “The cost of education for homeschooling a child is not inexpensive as others perceive it to be”, said Mr. Nicdao. He further explained that this is because homeschooling entails the presence of one of the parents at home which will potentially reduce the family’s overall income. With the increasing costs of college education, it will be very daunting to have only one breadwinner. 


Mr. Nicdao also shared why it is important to plan early for the child’s education.

“As a parent myself, I understand the real-life struggles that parents go through to give the best to their children. It is, therefore, wise and even necessary to invest in a plan with guaranteed education benefits even if school-going children are still quite young. Plans like this should have the potential to grow to cope adequately with annual tuition fee hikes.” Nicdao added. “More to the point, a parent and a child should not have to guess what the future brings. There are too many uncertainties already and having something secure and reliable allows a family to focus on learning and academic excellence rather than trying to make sure that there is a school they can afford.”

To help address these concerns, Philam Life launched a new education product, Future Scholar.


Future Scholar offers guaranteed education benefits and long term growth potential through access to expertly-managed funds. The plan will continue without the need to pay future payments should the payor pass away or suffer total and permanent disability. 

It is to these concerns that Philam Life’s Future Scholar plan focuses with its guaranteed educational benefits and unique features available like making life insurance coverage for parents or premium adjustments in times of great need.

To learn more about Future Scholar, please visit Philam Life's Website and you can also follow them on Facebook to get updates on their latest events.

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