Midea showcases newest line of commercial Airconditioning units

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Midea, the world’s leading manufacturer of consumer appliances, recently gathered their business partners at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City to kick off Midea’s commercial line of air-conditioners’ entry into the Philippine market. The V5X, coming from Midea’s lineup of VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) air-conditioners, bannered the event as executives from the company and their guests discussed the opportunities in tapping the Philippines’ commercial air-conditioner market.

Midea’s Global Marketing Manager for Commercial Air-Conditioners, Mr. Peck Zhao discussed that the ageing of old air-conditioning units used in buildings, the country’s steady economic growth, and the upward trend for VRF air-conditioners slowly taking bigger market share, give the brand and its guests an opportunity to penetrate the market with Midea’s innovative lineup of VRF air-conditioners and chillers.

“I hope that our government continues to build our country as a place where foreign investors would come in, because everything is working for us,” Concepcion Midea Inc. Philippines’ (CMIP) General Manager, Mr. Phillip Trapaga added. “We have a growing population that consumes our products, our economy is still growing 6% every year, people are spending, there are more people going to the cities, demand for housing and office spaces are continuing to rise.”

Zhao also pointed out that, in many public and commercial areas such as hospitals, airports, hotels, malls, offices and small buildings, VRF air-conditioning units will eventually replace window type and split type air-conditioning units. And with Midea’s continuing innovation in air-conditioning technology by acquiring other foreign brands and by investing heavily on its research and development, Midea leads the way in developing and advancing the technologies for commercial air-conditioners.
The real challenge though in the Philippine market is how to become one of the preferred brands in the country along with other brands that has been leading the CAC market for years. “We have mapped out activities that we need to do, and I would like to point out one of these activities which is, if there are customers that do not believe in us or do not trust us, we either bring them to China to show our factory or show our capabilities, and we are also open to testing some of our equipment with their installation for free and let them experience the Midea difference,” Trapaga said. “We are willing to take these risks because we believe in our business.”
“Our mission for the Philippine market is that all the products that we are going to introduce to this market will have a leading warranty, this includes not only all the VR products, but also the other commercial and residential air conditioners,” CMIP’s Deputy General Manager, Mr. Charles Zhang shared. “Our commercial air conditioner customer service will provide multiple training modules for the engineers coming from your companies. Most importantly, we are going to provide the best after sales warranty to this market, which is providing a two-year warranty for the unit and five-year warranty for the compressor.”

Zhang pointed out that this is the leading after sales warranty in the Philippine market and it also shows their confidence with the quality of their products. Midea is doing all of this in their hopes that in the future, they will be one of the preferred brands in the Philippine market for the commercial air conditioner. All of which will only be possible with the help of their guests— dealers, contractors, developers, and architects.

“So now that we are expanding our line into the commercial, with that same dedication and support that you have given us, I want to say, ‘why don’t we do it together?’. You tested us with the light commercial, I’m sure with commercial air con we can do even better,” Trapaga said as a final note.
For more information on Midea’s products check out their Website and Facebook Page.

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  1. I'm impressed with Midea's newest line of products! They have clearly put a lot of effort into designing and manufacturing these products and it definitely shows.

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