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51Talk capped its fourth year of operations in the country with a series of conferences for its home-based online English teachers. It is the biggest online English school in China and the Philippines, having the largest number of students in China and more than 5,000 home-based online English teachers in the Philippines. 51Talk helps Chinese students learn English through affordable lessons on its own online platform, which enables students to select the best possible teacher for them in the Philippines for interactive one-on-one online teaching.

It’s a game changer in making online English learning accessible to all, and this is where our Filipino 51Talk teachers take great pride in their work. They see that what they do is meaningful and fulfilling, that it can actually transform lives. Each teacher has a wonderful story to tell about how he or she has helped many students.

Take for example, 51Talk Teacher Crossing, 47, from Angeles City, Pampanga, played a key role in helping his student, 13-year old Gu, land second place in China’s "FLTRP Cup" National English skills competition. When students know how to write and speak English well, doors of opportunities open up in their career and personal lives. As such, they can be admitted to universities or work abroad. Teachers are instrumental to their students’ success – present and future. Indeed, teaching is one of the noblest professions.

It must be said, however, teaching is not as easy as it may sound. Having good English communication skills may not be enough, so 51Talk ensures that all of its teachers are always well-prepared to face and teach their students through regular trainings that continuously improve their teaching skills. While teachers work at home, they enjoy flexibility of schedule. They are able to take care of their family. They are provided with a dedicated support team who gives them full online support – this is very beneficial especially to newly joined teachers. For senior teachers, the top performers can be promoted to home-based online trainers. This is why in 51Talk, there is career and development for online teachers at all levels of experience.

51Talk home-based online teachers during the “ Teachers’ Conference” held recently in Pasig City.  

The work has also made positive lifestyle changes for 51Talk teachers. Teacher Jollibelle, 31, from Batangas City, says,“What attracted me the most to becoming an online English teacher for 51Talk is the flexible time schedule which is very suitable for a full time mother like me.” Teacher Jollibelle works at home and no longer worries about commuting, traffic, and finding a nanny or leaving her baby in the care of others.

Teacher Marlon, 25, from Cebu City, shares, “My job before in a call center required me to work on graveyard shift. I kissed that goodbye when I moved to 51Talk as a home-based online teacher.” He also bade goodbye the high taxi fares he spent daily on going to work past midnight. “What’s more,” he adds, “I get to earn and save even more.”

51Talk teachers can earn more than an average full-time job’s wage. Top earners can earn as much as P80,000 a month when they take advantage of 51Talk’s incentive programs.

51Talk gives numerous income opportunities. The work is home-based, so no matter where you are, as long as you have a good Internet connection, a computer, webcam, and headset, then you are good to teach. Experience in professional English teaching is preferred. The essentials are a good command of English and a passion for teaching. Once you have these, 51Talk will help you polish your online teaching skills and start earning money from the convenience of your home.

Interested in becoming a 51Talk home-based online English teacher? Visit http://www.51talk.com/ph to apply.

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