My ultimate #balikalindog buddy - mySlim with Yerba Mate

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Trying to lose fats after giving birth is easy when you are breastfeeding your baby. A lot of my friends were asking what I was doing since I was losing weight very fast but that was one of the benefits of breastfeeding. Mothers who practice breastfeeding usually lose 300-500 calories a day because those calories are used by the body as energy for milk production. It was such a delight on my part to provide breast milk for my baby while I get to lose a pound per week even without exercise.

Unfortunately, after my maternity leave, I had to go back to work and that's when my milk began to decrease even if I use a breast pump at work. The bad thing was, my diet was still the same as when I was breastfeeding, so when I stopped breastfeeding, I began to gain weight. A year after, I gained a total of 5kg making me look bigger than ever. This made me decide to start working out which is quite hard to do regularly since I work from 8:00am - 5:00pm plus travel time from work going home which takes around an hour and a half depending on how heavy the traffic is. With that being said, sometimes I just feel like going straight to bed to rest instead of doing Xbox Fitness or Zumba. This made me try to search a way on how I may be able to lose some weight besides a bit of exercise and a healthy diet.

Detox or Juicing is one option that has been a craze for health conscious people. I was able to try this before but this can be very pricey ranging from P200 per bottle which you need to take 2-3 bottles per day for a week or so. There's also the diet meal deliveries which gives you a complete meal with just the necessary caloric intake you need per day that ranges for like P1,500 - P3,000 per week. Both seems like great options but not for a thrifty mom like me. 

I would love to pursue my #BalikAlindog program using products that are effective, affordable but most especially, safe. Thankfully, I found mySlim. :) 

mySlim is the first slimming and detox drink with Yerba Mate formulation that is clinically proven to promote safe weight loss. Discovered in Brazil, Yerba Mate is used for teas and was later discovered to be an effective weight loss component after several clinical studies and researches. 

Why mySlim? Here are some of the reason why I trust mySlim over the other similar products in the market:

1. It contains Yerba Mate which reduces fat without shedding lean muscle mass and burns the unwanted fats to make you fit and healthy. 

2. It is packed with Palatinose which promotes energy for longer periods of time.

3. It also has Carnipure that reduces the sensation of hunger, resulting to reduction of one's food intake. 

4. It is developed by Vida Nutriscience Inc., which is one of the leading health and wellness products provider in the market and the country's go-to provider of safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products.

5. It is very accessible as it can be bought in all leading supermarket and drugstores nationwide

6. It is very affordable for only P89.00 per bottle.

7. It is approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which means that it is safe and effective.

To those who are also planning to lose weight, I highly recommend that you try mySlim with Yerba Mate drink. For best results, take one bottle of mySlim drink (max of 4 times a week) with 2 capsules of mySlim capsules per day plus regular exercises to help you lose unwanted fats faster.

To make you more inspired to achieve the body you've always wanted, let me share to you mySlim's newest ambassador, Jennylyn Mercado, who was chosen because of her strength and value for constant change shown in her personality which is also mySlim's philosophy.

For more information and details with regards to mySlim with Yerba Mate drink and all the other mySlim products, check out Vida Nutriscience Website and mySlim Website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates on discounts and promos.

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  1. I first saw this ( the drink ) in 7-11 I think. That may be one of the appeals of the product, being not-too-difficult to find. It should be a good complement to working out and eating right.

  2. This drink seems a great product indeed as per your review.Anyway you made a great review here indeed,nice job.

  3. How does MySlim tastes? Like tea or like plain juice? Just curious before trying it out.- KarenT

  4. Wow, I always hear about how after giving birth, it is difficult to lose weight. I'm glad you found a solution! Going to keep a lookout for this next time when I have a baby!

  5. Good luck on bringing back the Alindog! Haha! I've heard a lot of good things about MySlim :D

  6. Just in time for summer! I hope everything goes well. I've heard a lot of good things about MySlim, I would definitely try it if I wanted to lose weight.

  7. Looks like a good drink for reducing flab. I don't mind trying it. Hope no side effects!

  8. I never thought of losing weight before until just this last December, I really felt my weight gain so much over the holidays!!! Now, products like this which I never paid attention to before, I am willing to try.

  9. I think if it helps you detox then it's a good one. It can keep you cleansed while losing weight.

  10. I'm hearing so much about Matcha and Yerba Mate of late a lot for weight loss. Glad to know this works for you...

  11. Great to hear this is working out for you. I've heard of Yerba Mate before. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I have not try this product yet, good to know that it works for you. Will read more about it.

  13. I'm never really tempted to try product like such but it's always enlightening to hear about people's opinion if it worked for them or not. I appreciate your insight on this.

  14. Is it even safe for breastfeeding mothers to be taking such drinks? Wouldn't it be harmful for your milk production?

  15. Are there side effects? Does the weight pile back on and even much faster when you stop taking the drinks? This is usually why i fear going for the health drinks or diet supplements

  16. Sounds interesting! I hope there are no side effects as such kind of drinks usually do!

  17. Really good. I love whatyonneloves. Any distributor of the drink here in Lagos, Africa?



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