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If you are near or in Banawe area and you are craving for delicious and affordable dishes infused with Taiwanese flavor, you might want to drop by at Hungry Sumo. It is located at 592-A NS Amoranto cor. Banawe St. Quezon City just across Tasty Dumplings and beside Pancit Malabon. 

Upon entering the restaurant, you would notice that the space can only accommodate up to 20 comfortably seated customers. I love the colors of the interior as it can be very inviting to diners especially the menu displays hanging on the walls.

The photos made me feel very hungry! For a more detailed descriptions on what they offer plus the prices of each meal, here's Hungry Sumo's menu:

I was very lucky to be invited by the owner, Ms. Ame, to taste their best sellers and to know what Hungry Sumo has in store for all its customers. Now on to the main event, the food tasting! They served the Iced Coolers first which definitely refreshed us from a very tiring travel from work. 

Taro, Iced Mocha and Dark Chocolate w/ Rock Salt - P90.00/each
I chose the Dark Chocolate cooler with Rock Salt which has the a balanced sweetness and bitterness that I really enjoyed. There was a generous amount of Rock Salt on top and I'm really happy that it didn't overpower the taste of the chocolate. Will definitely try the Iced Mocha the next time I visit Hungry Sumo with hubby.

Then the Fish Poppers were served:

Fish Poppers - P70.00
Warning: This snack/side order is very addicting. Love how crisp it is on the outside but the fish inside is perfectly cooked. Some pieces can be a bit salty but with the sweet ketchup as the dip, it lessens the saltiness. What's great about this is that it stayed crisp throughout our stay unlike others that sag hours after it was served. This is really a must try dish that you will surely love!

The next dish that was served to us is considered as Hungry Sumo's best seller, the Hungry Curry Chicken Steak.

Hungry Curry Chicken Steak Meal - P95.00
First spoonful of this dish made me fell in love with everything I've tasted. The meat was very tender and flavorful and the crisp thin breading had the right texture and saltiness to it. If you're a bit health conscious and you want to remove the breading, the meat inside will still be very delicious as it marinated overnight. The curry sauce was perfectly curated by the owner and it really complimented the taste of the chicken steak that made me want to have more rice. It wasn't spicy unlike other curries that I've tried before but you may request that they make your curry sauce a bit spicy if that's what you prefer.

You can actually customize your Steak Meal. You can choose from Hungry (rice and 1 piece steak) or Sumo (rice, 2 pieces of steak and a side dish). Serving size of meat was just right for me but if 1 piece is not enough, you can order the Sumo meal both at very affordable prizes. They also have different flavors of sauces for the meat. You can choose from the Original, Spicy, Cheesy, Barbeque and the best seller, Curry. Prizes vary depending on the flavor you choose. I would love to try the Cheesy Flavor next time.

Served next was the Pork Noodle Soup with wanton. 

Pork Noodle Soup with Wanton - P135.00

If you order this and you loved it, you'll definitely come back for more at Hungry Sumo because this is the only restaurant where you'll find this soup as they actually make their own broth. To be honest, I don't like noodle soups that are a bit sweet because I prefer my soup to be salty. But I still enjoyed this bowl especially the pork and the noodle. The pork was very tender and flavorful and the noodle had the right thickness and is cooked just right. Perfect order especially during the cold weather. Nothing special with the wanton. I really hope they change it to Sharksfin soon.

Then this was placed on our table:

Crispy Chicken Steak Sandwich with Fries and Dip - P130.00
First bite on this sandwich and I already know that my hubby would surely love this spicy sandwich. The chicken steak was crispy on the outside while the chicken inside was very tender and juicy. The sauce was also personally crafted by the owner and I'm not sure though if it's what made the sandwich spicy. 

I do hope that they add other veggies on it like lettuce, etc to make it a bit healthier and colorful. I was just a bit disappointed with the fries because it wasn't too crisp. Some were already saggy when served. I hope they can do something about it. But the sandwich is superb! You should try it out as well with a crispy pork chop, chicken or a fish fillet as the patty. 

I was very satisfied with all the dishes served that night especially the Fish Poppers and the Hungry Curry Chicken Steak Meal. Hungry Sumo Restaurant surely is a must try restaurant in Banawe that offers very delicious dishes that are very affordable. They even have a group meal that are budget friendly and is complete with Rice Meals, Pasta, Side dishes, Ice Coolers and Dessert. I wasn't able to try their Carbonara, which was also one of their best sellers and also a very own recipe of the owner, but will definitely give this a try on my next visit at Hungry Sumo.

They also deliver for free if within the area and in other areas as well but with a minimum order requirement. They also do packed meals for meetings, events and parties that I'm sure your guests will enjoy! For more details, you may contact Hungry Sumo at 3594559. You may also add them on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on promos they offer especially on this holiday season. 

Visit them now and Get Sumofied! Experience Hungry Sumo's Taiwanese Mix dishes that you will surely love and come back for more. They truly lived up to their slogan, "Everything so tender, so juicy, so satisfying". Again, I would like to thank Ms. Amerilie and Mr. Jonitson for being very accommodating and friendly to us. Will definitely visit you soon when in the area. ^^

Hungry Sumo Taiwanese Mix Restaurant
592-A NS Amoranto cor. Banawe St. Quezon City
Hungry Sumo Facebook Page

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