Healthway Medical renews partnership with PMAP

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One of the most trusted and preferred mall-based clinics here in our country, Healthway Medical, formally renewed their partnership with PMAP (People Management Association of the Philippines). This is to continuously provide premium health care to its members which in now on their 5th year.
To start off with their renewed partnership, Healthway Medical, they wanted to be more hands on in promoting health and wellness for their members in PMAP by conducting lectures about how to have a well-balanced life and more information on health and wellness in totality. They have actually started their campaign through SEED, which stands for Sleep, Eat Right, Exercise and De-Stress which are the basic things that every person should keep in mind to prevent illness.

Roberto Policarpio, Chairperson of Associate Fellow and Rene M. Gener, Executive Director
of PMAP enter a strategic joint venture with Healthway Medical as represented by Carmie de Leon, vice president of Sales and Markeeting and Noreen Arellano, Sales Manager

“Healthway Medical has been a partner of PMAP for past the 5 years and is continuing to provide comprehensive healthcare to various partner-corporations,” said Carmie de Leon, Vice president for sales and marketing of Healthway Medical. “This year’s partnership allowed us to bring health and wellness information to HR practitioners who play important roles in the dynamic corporate setting.”

De Leon concluded, “More and more institutions are relying on Healthway’s services because of our support for a well-balanced lifestyle. Our partnership with PMAP will allow us to encourage our members towards a healthier lifestyle.”

PMAP is a 56-year-old organization that is comprised of 1,800 members that are known to be advanced in the profession, science and art of HR management here in the Philippines. They are assigned to help people be competent people managers and be socially responsible at all times. PMAP provides career development forums and training programs on human resources management to enable companies to maximize human productivity.

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