Wo-nut SM San Mateo branch is finally open!

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Have you been in a situation where you have to choose between two satisfyingly good food and end up buying both? I'm sure a lot of you have experienced that scenario once or twice or even habitually because there is a wide range of food available everywhere that it's hard to decide which to buy and devour. 

I guess that's one of the reasons why the owners of the Wo-nut Corporation brought that idea here in our country. Wo-nut is a combination of two of the most loved treats, which are the Waffle and the Donut. It is very unusual but it's not surprising that it has been making waves in the food industry and now, they've opened quite a few branches nationwide.

photos grabbed from Lariza Garcia
Just last May 6, 2017, they opened their 11th store at the 2nd Floor of SM San Mateo, located in front of the SM department store. People flocked the store as they gave away free Wo-nut to the first 50 customers and a buy one take one promo for the next 50.

Check out my video which shows how they make yummy Wo-nuts:

They have lots of offerings that will surely satisfy your craving. They also serve coffee and other beverages that can complement with the taste of the Wo-nut. Here's their menu for future reference.

I've tried some of the flavors, although to be honest, I wasn't able to try them freshly made as I had to travel them from SM San Mateo to Fairview. So here's a short review on each flavor:

All White
I love the white chocolate sprinkled generously on top of this Wonut. Although it has been cold for some time, it didn't turn tough unlike most of the waffles i've tried before. It was still chewy with a bit of crunch on the edges.

Crisp Choco
Unfortunately for this Crisp Choco, the chocolate syrup obviously dried out although I'm not sure if it was made that way but I'll definitely want to try it out freshly made soon. The taste was also bland, without any hint of chocolate in every bite :(

Choco Sprinkles
The chocolate on this one is a bit recognizable and since I love candy sprinkles, I actually enjoyed this variant.

The flavor of the syrup was quite bland as well, but I love the extra texture/crisp given by the almonds.

I love coffee so this one is one of my favorite among the flavors I've tried. It wasn't too sweet nor too bitter. Definitely something I can finish in one sitting.

Chocolatey Choco
Thanks to the generous amount of chocolate chips, the presence of the chocolate flavor is evident. I also like the white cream at the center which added a bit of sweetness on this Wo-nut.

I just wish that I was able to try them out freshly made and I hope that they put more syrup into each wo-nut to improve its flavor. But all in all me and my family enjoyed the box full of Wo-nut! It was filling and very affordable. Can't wait to try out more of their products soon. I recommend that you visit a Wo-nut branch near you and try either their regular or their premium flavors! 

To know the location of Wo-nut branches, more information about the product and ongoing promos, you can visit and like their social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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