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As a nursing student, I believe that I've learned enough information with regards to the health and wellness of an individual. Facts such as prevention, signs and symptoms, and management of different illnesses made me quite keen on observing what sick people are experiencing especially while I was on hospital duties. This led me to become alert in pointing out health issues that me and my family might be facing.

Now that I'm a mom, I've become more cautious when it comes to the kids. When I see that they are sneezing a lot with runny nose or when they have productive cough, I immediately text their pedia about it so I can buy the proper medications that my little ones need. 

When I purchase medications or even vitamins, I make sure that they are worth every penny. That's why I only buy Unilab products, because as a trusted brand by many, I know that they are effective, high quality and affordable. Plus, the products are readily available in ALL drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. 

Unilab is the biggest pharmaceutical company in the country that offers over 1,000 products that every age group (infant to late adult) would need. From vitamins, supplements, skin care products, pain management drugs, anti-allergy, nutrition, beauty, prescription drugs, etc, Unilab has it. Their products are checked by 3,000 experts so you can be sure that what you and your family are taking high quality and effective products.

At home, stocks of medicines are readily available to address any health issues that my family might encounter:

For Headache
For Dysmenorrhea and Toothache
For Colds
For Cough
For the kids
I am proud to say that our family trust Unilab and as a Company Nurse, I purchase Unilab products for our office's first aid kit. I highly recommend that you get your needed medications from Unilab as well because you get high quality products at affordable prices. For the complete list of Unilab products, visit their Website and to get updates on the latest promos and events of Unilab, you may follow their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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  1. pwedi po bang maging reseller ng products of unilab?
    plan ko kasi mag benta sa probinsya namin.
    allow po ba yung ganong system? kahit hindi ako farmacist?



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