Party Beyond Ordinary with Victoria Court Themed Rooms

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Victoria Court has been one of the pioneers in the motel industry since they opened their first branch in Pasay during the 70s. They have been known to provide Quality Service which the customers really appreciate resulting to the growth of the company. Years later, they have decided to venture on building quality lodging and services at premium prices. This way, the motel industry has now become a drive-in hotel with rooms completely equipped with colored TV, bath tubs, jacuzzis and AC units. Currently, Victoria Court expanded even more as they now offer Thematic Party and Events Rooms that are incredibly designed and built that will surely wow anyone who sees them.

Luckily, I was one of the bloggers who were invited to check out their Party Rooms at Victoria Court Pasig Branch and to witness the unveiling of their newest Themed Party Room, the Space Wars (Thanks to ms. Grace of Tag Media and Ms. Erika of Victoria Court).

Let me first share to you the food they provided for us that are "Space Wars" themed as well:

Trooper Onigiri
Imperial Pasta
Dark Side Burger

After dinner, a futuristic and entertaining light dance number was held at the open space of Victoria Court Canley:

VC Ambassadors Jinri Park, Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero also graced the event together with Storm Troopers:

We were then toured to their newest themed party room inspired by the film Star Wars:

Space Wars:

Once you enter the room, costumes and light sabers are available to be used by avid fans who want to be in character during their stay at the Space Wars. Then, they will be greeted by the "Infinity Floor" and an interactive Space Ship cockpit that actually moves up when you push the controls forward. You can also control the room's light using the buttons found in the space craft.

The jacuzzi can be found at the center of the room but a bathroom and a comfort room are also available, with a huge photo of a Shadow trooper in the shower room.

Definitely an awesome room for those who would like to celebrate a special occasion with a "Star Wars" theme. 

After visiting Space Wars, we were also brought to see the other themed Party rooms such as the Moulin Rouge, Cirque, Fifty Shades, Princess Jasmine's Suite, Venice Room and Asgard:

Moulin Rouge: P12,000/5hours (30pax)

Cirque: P15,000/5hours (35pax)

Fifty Shades: P12,000/5hours (30pax)

Princess Jasmine's Suite: P12,000/5hours (25pax)

Venice Room: P12,000/5hours (25pax)

Asgard: P8,000/5hours (25pax)

To know more about their food packages and rates for couple or smaller groups, you may call 6712317 or 09178273783 or email You may also visit their Website and follow their social media accounts to get updates and room promos: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube

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