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I bet you'll agree with me that Filipinos have been addicted to KDrama lately. I've watched a few and I really love the concepts of these shows especially the out of this world themes like the Goblin and The Legend of the Blue Sea. This has caused ladies to visit Korea to reminisce their fave KDrama scene at the exact location it was shot and of course, find handsome oppas (older brothers) too. :)

Travelling to Korea is quite expensive so for those who can't afford to go there, it would be a good idea to visit Korean restaurants in the metro specifically those that can give you the "Korean Vibes/Feels". From the interiors, background music, fixtures and of course, the authentic cuisine, I suggest you try dining at Gangnam Wings.

Located at The Megastrip Unit 1-114 UG/F Bldg A SM Megamall Mandaluyong City, this restaurant owned by President and CEO Rinky Tuaño and supervised by Chef Jung Chungyeal, offers a wide variety of Korean dishes that I was able to try during my visit last April 19, 2017. 

We started off with their specialty, which is the Korean Chicken. They have different varieties when it comes to their chicken. You can choose the original crispy chicken which comes with 3 sauces or the other flavors like soya garlic or sweet and spicy. 

Gangnam Ganjeong Original (Crispy - 12pcs/Whole Chicken) - P498.00
The crisp skin and the tender meat of the chicken plus the fact that you can choose which sauce you want to try is what I love about this. Gangnam Wings definitely delivered their slogan: "The Best Korean Fried Chicken". You can also order chicken with the specific flavor you like best:

Gangnam Ganjang Wings (Soya - 4pcs) - P268.00
Gangnam Yangnyum (Sweet - 4pcs) - P288.00
Gangnam Spicy Wings 4pcs - P298.00
Gangnam Buffalo Wings
If you are a fan of fries and wanted to try something extraordinary, Gangnam Wings offer 5 different variants and I was able to try 4:

Truffle Fries - P168.00
The truffle flavor is very distinct on this variant as it is drizzled with aromatic truffle oil and then sprinkled with parsley flakes and salt. An early favorite and I must say that this can be very addictive.

Bulgogi Fries - P258.00
The generous amount of toppings composed of thin beef slices marinated with soy sauce and creamy sauce made the fries fun to eat. 

Kimchi Chicken Fries - P258.00
Kimchi Con Carne Fries
If you love Kimchi, these 2 variants are a must try. You can either go for chicken or beef topped with creamy sauce and enjoy a bit of spice on this yummy and messy snack.

Another snack that you might want to try is the Pajeon or the Korean Pancake. 

Seafood Pajeon - P268.00
Kimchi Pajeon - P268.00
Enjoy the Seafood Pancake made of shrimp, squid, onion and Korean batter mix or try the Kimchi Pancake composed of Korean chili, Kimchi, onion and Korean batter mix. Surprisingly I liked the Seafood Pancake despite the fact that I hate onions and it seriously has it all over the pancake. 

Since it's the start of the rainy season, these spicy hot soup, noodles and dishes will surely be a hit. 

Budae Jjigae - P599.00
This hot pot contains Korean Kimchi, onions, inoki mushrooms, sausage, ham, bacon, fish cake, baked beans, macaroni, ordinary Korean noodle, home-made Budae Jjigae Chili Paste and Sliced Cheese Chili. With all those ingredients, this soup is very flavorful and is good for 3-4 persons.

Spicy Noodle Soup - P148.00
Made of ordinary Korean noodle, Korean chili, egg and onion. It has a somewhat thick consistency due to the egg and I love the hint of spiciness that will make you want to have a cold beverage on the side.

Seafood Spicy Noodle - P193.00
Another soup that will will spice up your rainy day is this Seafood Spicy Noodle which has shrimps, squid rings, Korean chili, Kimchi, onion and ordinary Korean noodle. 

Seafood Topokki with Cheese - P278.00
If you are a fan of seafood, you have to try and order this dish. It contains a generous amount of shrimps, squid, onions, rice cake, fish cake and Korean chili topped with cheese. It is very spicy so I suggest you taste a small portion first before taking a spoonful of this tasty meal.

Spicy Dry Noodles - P198.00
Warning! This "dry noodles" has a level 3 spiciness. I highly advise that you have a glass full of iced water because this is seriously hot. But once you get the hang of it, you'll appreciate its taste. 

But if you are not a fan of spicy noodles, then the famous Japchae, which is a stir fried glass noodle with carrots, bell pepper, onion, mushroom and secret blend of soy sauce, is also available at Gangnam Wings. 

Are you on a "diet"? Then why not try their Salad. 

Mango Salad - P169.00
I enjoyed the Mango Salad which is made of mango dressing, mixed salad, carrots, cabbage and fresh mango. I like that it's not too sweet compared to other mango salads that I've tried before where the syrup just overpowers the whole dish.

Or you may opt to try their newest salad offering, which is the Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Salad.

Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Salad
Just recently, they added a bunch of new items on the menu which is a good treat to those who want light snacks. Introducing, Gangnam Wings' Sandwiches and Burger:

Gangnam Bulgogi Burger
Have a tasty burger with fresh sliced tomato, lettuce, creamy sauce and your choice of either a chicken or beef patty. 

Gangnam Beef Bulgogi Sandwich
If that Burger won't satisfy your hunger, you may also try this huge sandwich with a generous amount of either beef bulgogi or chicken teriyaki with fries on the side.

Now on to the desserts!! It is Bingsu galore at Gangnam Wings as we tried 4 out of their 5 Bingsu offerings:

Rockmelon Bingsu - P250.00
I love the how it was served on top a melon shell with with yummy rockmelon balls, finished off with a creamy vanilla ice cream scoop, snowflakes and melon syrup.

Mango Bingsu - P250.00
Made of Mango with snowflakes, mango ice cream and mango syrup. Good thing that the fruit slices they used are perfectly ripe. Same goes with the Banana Bingsu as they used fresh banana slices in this yummy dessert.

Banana Bingsu - P250.00
But if you are more of a chocolate that a fruit lover, I highly recommend that you try the Oreo Bingsu which is composed of crushed oreo with snowflakes, chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Oreo Bingsu - P250.00
Last but definitely not the least, every Korean restaurant will not be complete if there's no booze. Luckily, Gangnam Wings has a lot to offer from cocktails to authentic Korean beers.

Pineapple Soju - P488.00
Yakult Soju - P348.00
I'm surprised that I enjoyed the Yakult Soju because usually when I see drinks in the menu mixed with yakult, I try skipping them. It was actually really good! It didn't have any hint of soju, well except for the fact that a soju bottle is submerged in the glass, but be careful because it might taste like a regular drink but you can get drunk with this #traydor. lol 

Watermelon Soju - P588.00
Or just order a plain Soju bottle.

Jinro Chamisul Fresh 360ml - P198.00
You may also bring your friends and enjoy their Beer Pong Promo of 10 local beers + 1 soju for only P650.00

I highly recommend you try dining at Gangnam Wings, where you will find the "Best Korean Fried Chicken" in the metro. Visit them at SM Megamall and avail of their ongoing promos:

Below is their menu for your reference:

To know more about Gangnam Wings, you can follow them on their Facebook Page and Instagram Account. I would also like to invite you to join my giveaway for a chance to win a P500.00 Gangnam Wings GC! I'll pick 2 winners to win P500.00 GCs each. Goodluck!

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    1. Isa ln entry mo haha ung iba andme. Lamang n agd cla sau nun :p

  2. I would love to try these gastronomic dishes like Seafood Topokki with Cheese, Budae Jjigae, gangnam wings and the Yakult Soju!!! It's like you're already in Seoul eating these yummy foodie!!! :)))

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  3. I've been seeing this restaurant at the heart of EDSA in SM MEGAMALL. While waiting and lining for a taxi, I saw this Gangnam Wings. This seems to be new for me, and this blog helped me to know what this restaurant is. Hence, thanks for introducing me to their menu, Ms. Yvonne! Thereupon, I would want to try their Gangnam Buffalo Wings!!! And since I am a fan of Spicy taste bud explosion, I would want to try their Spicy Dry Noodles!

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  4. I am also a KDrama fanatic and recently pinagpuyatan ko yung Goblin at Legend of the Blue Sea kasi di ko mabitawan panonood. At nakikita ko na lagi sila umiinom ng Soju kapag masaya at lalo pag problemado. I wonder kung anong lasa ng Soju at glad to hear meron pala sa Gangnam Wings. Gusto ko i'try pati na din ang kanilang Spicy Gangnam Wings at Bulgogi Fries. Feeling ko perfect combination mga to sa Soju. ��

  5. My boyfriend and i are ultimate chicken wings lover so of course i was really excited when ive seen this post since we never tried this restaurant before (we like making our own wings at home too haha) Of course i really really wanted to try the Gangnam Yang-Nyum since im really not that fan of super spicy food so i want to try the one with a little sweet flavor. That's in the top of my list. Haha! I love Bulgogi and i find the Bulgogi fries very interesting. Hihi. And lastly, the Oreo Bingsu to end the food adventure in Gangnam wings. Well, there's sooo much to try on i cant really choose only one. Haha! :)

  6. I've heard some good reviews about this place when it opened but until now, I haven't had the chance to try. I'll check with my friends if they are up for a Korean night out one of these days. :)

  7. I always wanted to try this resto because of ther gangnam spicy wings... I read a lot of reviews about them and it's encourage me to visit there soon. Speaking of Kdrama hahahah! naadict na din ako I've been watching a lot of series ang gaganda kasi!

  8. I've been seeing a lot of posts about Gangnam Wings so reading your blog made me curious. Will try this resto when we visit SM Mega. :)

  9. I love Korean food especially bulgogi. The dishes are mouth watering. I love Bingsu too! I wish they had a branch near our place.



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