QC Ladies launch Project Ganda campaign

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Whenever there is traffic, you tend to look outside your car and just wander your eyes on the surroundings. Usually you see things not really pleasing to the eye which makes you even more stressed. Good thing that the QC Ladies Foundation decided to launch a one-of-a-kind campaign called Project Ganda that will not only beautify the city, but will also be an instrument to strengthen every women who will see it.

"We we're initially thinking of a beautification project for Quezon City. It is something that can remind the residents and visitors of what ladies stand for. We wanted a big beautiful statement for women. So we thought why not create a mural that we can donate to charities and organizations or even spread around Quezon City to help remind ladies that they are and will always be beautiful. What initially was a beautification project, became something even greater", said Ms. Harlene Bautista Tejedor, President of QC Ladies Foundation.

This year, the QC Ladies chose the flower as a tribute for women with different colors that represent a role that women play in the society or even an issue that ladies encounter. For example, Red is for the policewomen and firewomen while Purple is offered to rape survivors to remind them how strong and beautiful they are.

According to Ms. Tejedor, they want to paint as many colors of flowers as possible and donate these murals to organizations and charities who would find inspiration in looking at this thing of beauty. This however would only be possible if they gather enough volunteers to paint the murals, gather enough sponsors to help the ladies produce more art.

Last May 11, 2017, I was blessed to be part of the Project Ganda launch where board members and district officers of QC Ladies gathered together to create their first ever mural. Also present during the event was Ms. Antoinette Taus, a celebrity and empowered philanthropist, an ambassadress of UNICEF in the Philippines and founder of Cora Cares, which is an organization that promotes sustainable projects. 

Another lady advocate who graced the event was Ms. Toinkee Tomen, who is pioneering the fight for rights of little people in the country.

"This is why we're doing these murals. To hopefully strengthen beautiful souls through simple mural reminders", says Ms. Tejedor. The event was also made to officially announce a call for volunteers and sponsor to make Project Ganda a real success.

To know more about this project or if you want to inquire on how to partner with the organization, just contact 4345399 asap.

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