Coco Fresh Tea and Juice celebrates 20th anniversary with a promo!

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Ever since milk tea became a hype in the country, I've kept trying different brands that have been opening just to figure out which serves the best tasting drinks that uses fresh ingredients but still very affordable. I've loved a lot of them and well, hated some, especially those who use powder as flavors that not only makes it taste "artificial" but I guess, is also unhealthy. 

Thankfully, I stumbled upon Coco Fresh Tea & Juice who really puts a lot of effort in providing high quality beverage that uses the freshest fruits in season and whole leaf tea that makes it safe to drink and tastes much better compared to others.

No wonder that it has been in the industry for 2 decades, which started of in Taipei, all because of their commitment to use only the freshest ingredients that people definitely enjoy till now. Although it's still quite young here in the Philippines, it has been the top performing market in Southeast Asia in terms on number of branches, expansion efforts and sales.

Then just last week, I had the privilege to be part of their 20th year anniversary celebration held at their SM North branch together with special guests and the media. (Thanks to Ms Anne of GeiserMaclang and Ms. Myrns)

Larry Evans Tan, General Manager of CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice was present during the event and he shared that they tap local farmers to ensure quality and freshness. “For our Strawberry Au Lait and Salty Cream Strawberry Tea, we source our strawberries from Baguio.”

Apart from being inspired by their customers’ favorites to explore new flavors, Tan also mentioned CoCo Tea’s continued goal to elevate the usual on-the-go concept. “As one of the earliest territories to offer premium stores, we strive not only to provide the best tasting drinks but also the best experience. We create stores that are designed to cater to the specific market of the location.”

Tan said there are plans to add more branches as well as create new menu offerings tailor-fit for the Filipino palate. The new menu, he said, will allow customers to experience more unique flavors featuring local fruits from the Philippines.

A few celebrities also graced the event and they were very excited to share their favorite Coco Tea and Juice products like for Richard Juan, he prefers the sweet Panda Milk Tea, Salty Cream Strawberry Tea for Kaila Estrada, Passion Fruit Tea Burst for Camille Co, and 3 Buddies Milk Tea for Nikko Ramos.

It was also a fun moment when Richard Juan was asked to create his own beverage while assisted by one of Coco's staff. Check out my Facebook Live to see him in action.

But of course, the highlight of the event was when we were able to try out Coco's Offerings and I really enjoyed my Panda Milk Tea. Definitely something that I will highly recommend that you try!

For those who would like to try Coco Fresh Tea and Juice's Pearl Milk Tea, I suggest that you visit any of their branches (except SMX Manila Branch) on May 20 and avail of their Anniversary Promo by purchasing 1 Regular Size Pearl Milk Tea and then you can get your 2nd Regular Size Pearl Milk Tea for only P20.

Or you can just order anything on their menu because for sure, you will love Coco Fresh Tea and Juice as much as I do. See you tomorrow!

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