It's Pasta Haven at Blisteak's Food House

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Usually, when during holidays, I grab that opportunity to just stay at home and rest from work, but last Labor Day was something different. My friend Gus of Klikd2 invited me to a food review at Adventure Food Park, located at 704 Aurora Blvd, Quezon City right across St. Paul University Quezon City. 

I confirmed because, food. (lol) Kidding aside, when I learned about the stall, Blisteak's Food House, that we were asked to review, I imagined steaks and everything else meat, but I was wrong. We were actually going to try their newest offerings which were pastas and a unique dessert. Still, I was very excited because I love Pastas and the last time I had one was months ago.

Now on to the Pastas:

Lasagna Roll - P125.00
Lasagna - P99.00/P125.00
For the lasagna, you can either choose the classic or the rolled version but both taste the same. I love its creaminess and the generous amount of meat, cheese and sauce which serves 1-2 persons per order except for the Lasagna Classic where you can order a solo serving for only P99.00.

Carbonara - P99.00
Nothing can go wrong with a bowl full of creamy carbonara sprinkled with bacon bits, mushroom and cheese on top. It is also very affordable for only P99.00 which I think serves 1-2 persons.

Filipino Spaghetti - P99.00
Whenever I eat Spaghetti, I prefer the Sweet filipino version more than the sour Italian style so this one is something that I truly enjoyed. Plus the perfectly cooked egg on top is just brilliant which I think really complemented the dish.

They also served us the Rainbow Nachos that has two serving sizes: Regular (P155.00) and Large (P299.00). What makes their nachos great is that it is organic. The different colored nachos are also something very interesting although I which they could add more toppings since the bottom part didn't have enough sauce, meat and cheese. But it definitely tasted good.

For the beverages, we had a freshly squeezed Lemonade and Mango Juice. Both are delicious but I highly recommend the Lemonade which is very refreshing.

The last item they let us try was something I never expected. The idea was actually from Canada and the owner tried to experiment and decided to recreate it so Pinoys can taste this one of a kind dessert/snack.

Burger Ice Cream - P99.00/P188.00/P299.00 (Prices may change since it wasn't final during our visit)
Introducing, the Burger Ice Cream! Well obviously, it is a burger complete with the buns, onions, tomato, burger patty, ketchup and mayonnaise but with scoops of ice cream, complete with fries on the side. Something very unusual since the burger was quite on the umami side, then the sweetness of the ice cream counteracts the saltiness of the other ingredients. I guess you should try it first before judging the product because you might actually like it.

They offer a wide range of food items as seen on their menu (for future reference):

They also offer unli items every Friday to Sunday like their Unli Pasta (Baked Mac, Lasagna and Spaghetti) for only P188.00 and their Unli Lechon Kawali and BBQ for only P235.00.

You've got nothing to worry when it comes to tables and chairs because unlike other food parks that I've visited, Adventure Food Park has a bigger dining area. They even have a Karaoke Machine and a band (although I'm not sure with the schedule). But during our visit, we were able to jam with an acoustic duo composed of Mayo and Francis.

So if you are looking for very affordable and delicious food, good music and chill ambiance, try dining at Adventure Food Park which is just a 5 minute walk from LRT Gilmore Station. I also recommend that you try Blisteak's Food House which again, offers a wide range of yummy and sulit food that you, your family and your friends will enjoy.

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