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I recently joined Fit Access PH (thanks to ms Ia Hernandez of Fit Access and to ms Jinky Tallod), and I've seen a lot of sports/activities that I get to try as a perk of being a member. I get to attend sessions from the partner gyms/studios of Fit Access depending on the membership that I availed. (To learn more about Fit Access, check out my blog: http://www.whatyvonneloves.com/2016/07/try-out-different-gym-classes-all.html) Of course, I wanted to try something unique out of all the activities they are offering, so I grabbed to chance to try out a session at The Archery Academy.

It is located at the 5th floor of #33 Intrawest Center, just along Annapolis St. in Greenhills, San Juan. But because I took the last session at around 6:00pm, I had a hard time looking for the place since it was already quite dark and they do not have any signage in the building's facade. Thanks to Waze, I was still able to reach my class on time. 

The Archery Academy is composed of passionate Archers who want to expand the Archery community by exposing more people in this unique sport. Their aim is that everyone who will be trying out a class in their academy will understand the fundamentals and safety rules and of course, be able to enjoy the experience with friends. 

Prior to getting your hands on the bow and arrow, they will first ask for the booking reference number that was given to you by Fit Access PH. After confirmation of your booking reference number, you must then read the important notes and guidelines and sign the waiver for you to start your session.

The staff will then provide the equipment needed such as the bow, arrows, arm guard and quiver. A target paper will also be provided and you can also avail of their non-traditional targets such as bunnies, zombies, dinosaur, apples, etc.

This is not really my first time to try archery and something I noticed at The Archery Academy was that they do not practice "sights" which was taught to me during a previous archery session from a different archery range. When I asked why, they gave a valid reason that sights are not really advisable because the target is not that far. The trainer's example was, "just like basketball, you don't really close one eye just to shoot the ball inside the ring, right?" He actually has a point, so the whole time, I didn't do sights but instead, just gut feel. It was really hard at first but after a few minutes, I was getting the hang of it.

Their archery range is quite narrow which can only accommodate up to 6 persons per class and we had to adjust so that everyone could fit. Though the area is quite long so you could adjust your target board depending on how many meters you want your target away from you. I also liked the wall paintings that includes an area where you can try to label the parts of a bow, learn the archery point system, and have a picture taken with fun paintings that are definitely instagram-worthy. 

I really enjoyed the experience thanks for the very accommodating Coach Gio Endaya for being patient in giving tips on how to handle the bow and hitting the bull's eye, although I wasn't really able to hit the center even once. It's just too hard but hopefully I could improve my archery skills the next time I visit The Archery Academy.

If you guys want to try out a one hour session like what I've availed from Fit Access PH or if you would like to avail of their programs you can contact them directly for reservations and inquiries at 09178037422, email them at thearcheryacademy@yahoo.com or fill up the contact form found on The Archery Academy Website. You can also try out Fit Access PH's membership programs wherein you can try out different activities/sessions like what I've experienced here in The Archery Academy by visiting Fit Access PH's Website and you can even use my code: YVONNELOVESFA to get 10% off on your chosen monthly membership plan.

Here's The Archery Academy's operating hours in case you would like to reserve a slot. They also offer summer classes that would be great for those who would really like to learn archery thoroughly. You can also inquire on the packages they offer for events like birthday parties, company activities, marketing events, etc. To get updates on promos and events of The Archery Academy, add them up on their Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Google Plus.

Again thanks to Ms Ia Hernandez of Fit Access and Coach Gio of The Archery Academy for this fun and exciting experience. Will definitely recommend this to my friends and hopefully I'll be able to try out a session again soon. 

The Archery Academy
5th floor Intrawest Center, #33 Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan
The Archery Academy Website

One Hour Class Pass - P550.00/head (All year round except summer)
Archery Program - P3,600.00/head for 4 sessions, 2 hours each with a one-time fee of P2,000.00 for the personal safety gear (finger tab, arm guard, string)
Archery Program - P6,500.00/head for 8 sessions, 2 hours each with a one-time fee of P2,000.00 for the personal safety gear (finger tab, arm guard, string)
Summer Program - P8,500.00 for New Students (includes basic gear) and P6,500.00 for Returning Students

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