My Organic and All-Natural Waxing experience at Hey Sugar!

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I was not blessed to have very flawless skin due to hereditary reasons so whenever I want to look and feel flawless especially when I had to wear revealing clothes for events or a swimsuit for a family outing, I make sure that I get to visit a waxing salon. I've been to several waxing salon and my experiences are either I'm satisfied with the service but sometimes I also get disappointed. What I usually look for when it comes to a waxing salon are affordable prices, painless waxing experience, friendly staff and of course, hair-free skin afterwards.

Last Sunday, me and my sister were able to try a waxing salon, thanks to Gandang Leomy of Crownless Beauty Queen, sir Arvin and Ms. Tin of Hey Sugar!

Located at the Ground floor of Ayala UP Town Center along Katipunan Road, Hey Sugar! is a waxing salon that uses organic and all-natural waxing products that contains zero toxic ingredients to prevent any negative side effects. This is one of their 21 branches nationwide and it has been a year since they opened their UP Town Center branch.

Upon entering the waxing salon, I noticed a very girly interior which looks really cute and sweet with colorful furniture, flower vases and comfortable sofa.

They also have products that are very helpful when it comes to waxing care such as body scrubs, lotion, soap, body butter and virgin coconut oil which are made from organic ingredients:

This was actually a great time to try out a waxing salon because we'll be having a staycation tomorrow for my kid's and sister's birthday and my parent's anniversary celebration. I checked out their services and here's what Hey Sugar has in store for their customers:

Prior to your waxing session, they made me write my details on their paper then I waited for a few minutes before I was asked to go to a room. I availed the Underarm and Full Arm Waxing Service:

The room has a small bed and an extra light so that the staff would be able to see the hair closer to achieve a hair-free result after the session. They use Organic sugar which you can avail of either a cold or warm wax. I prefer the warm wax which is a bit more expensive than the cold because this is known to be less painful than cold wax. 

Before waxing, they first sanitize the area to be waxed using alcohol. After sanitizing, they apply powder so that they can see the hair clearer. Then they apply the wax gently on your skin and I love that they ask whether the temperature of the wax is bearable or not. Since this is not the first time that I've tried waxing, I actually felt none to less pain during the session. After waxing, they applied Virgin Coconut Oil to soothe the area. 

What I also love is that once the session is done, they try to let you examine the area for hair that was missed and if there are still some hair, they use the threading technique to completely make the area hair-free. I'm really impressed with how they performed the waxing service wherein I didn't feel much pain during the session. Although a few thin hair weren't totally removed, the staff definitely did a great job compared to other waxing salons I've been to before. 

The only problem I have with Hey Sugar! is that there are no branch located near our house or office. I had to hail a cab just to reach UP Town Center which was quite hassle. I'm really hoping that they expand their branches up to Fairview or near North Ave. But all in all, me and my sister are very impressed with Hey Sugar! Definitely recommending this Waxing Salon to everyone!

Good news! Hey Sugar currently has a promo:

Started last August 10, 2016 to November 5, 2016, Hey Sugar! is giving its customers a sugar treat of 15% off on selected waxing services. Visit the nearest branch and avail of this promo to get a discount on your waxing service. Check out Hey Sugar's website to know their branches, services, promotions and even tips with regards to waxing. 

To get updates on the latest promotions offered by Hey Sugar, kindly like and follow them on their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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