350 delegates present at Paradizoo for the 4th Farm Tourism Conference

12:15:00 AM

Last July 14-16, 2016, the 4th Farm Tourism Conference which is a special seminar that teaches how to integrate tourism and agriculture was held in different places in Tagaytay City. Its aim is to raise awareness, educate farmers about farm tourism regarding how they could develop their properties and to inspire local farmers to explore new possibilities in generating income. 

There were more or less 350 delegates from the agriculture, tourism and investment sectors who took part on the conference and some of them were even from Visayas and Mindanao. They really made sure to participate in this event because it is a good start to encourage everyone, especially the younger generations, to explore other opportunities in farming and in a way, change the stereotyped perception as farming being a lowly kind of job. 

During their conference, they also toured different farms in Tagaytay City and among the many known farm spots in the city, Paradizoo was chosen as one of the most successful farm tourism destination. Participants were able to explore and appreciate the best practices in farm tourism that are being applied at Paradizoo.

Paradizoo is known to be very intricate in their agriculture practices especially in farming like vermiculture, bokashi soil, hydrophonics and putting up compost pits. They also observe Balance Ecosystem by maintaining a natural habitat for the animals and plants. To know more about Paradizoo, you can check out my blog post: Be one with nature at the Paradizoo Theme Farm. But if you guys want to experience the real thing and be able to visit the farm, you may contact 8470413 or check out Zoomanity's Website.

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