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It's officially the start of the Ber-month season and you guys are probably starting to plan on your Christmas get-together and family reunion and since you are Mr. or Ms. Congeniality, you might be invited to more or less 5 parties on or before Christmas and New Year. Back when I was still working out, my coach told me that I should start working out months before Christmas because once it's December, working out would not be too effective due to the sudden increase in food and beverage consumption at parties. Funny as it may seem, but that's reality.

Unfortunately, I had to stop my journey to fitness back then because I had been busy with work, then I got pregnant as well. Till now, I haven't been able to get back to working out and I'm gaining too much weight already. Last time I checked my BMI (weight in kilograms divided by height in meters times height in meters. Normal BMI should be 18.5 to 24.9), I'm officially overweight nearing Obesity. That is mainly the reason why I've been trying different slimming/detox products so that I may be able to lose a few pounds. But without proper diet and exercise, I think I would never succeed in my battle against Obesity. 

But I wouldn't let my body reach Obesity because this has been the reason behind illnesses such as Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Diseases and Back Pain that I don't really like to experience this early. That it why, I've made up my mind, once again, to control my food intake by avoiding consumption of food high in carbohydrates and fat and I am thinking of using new products from Innogen Pharma that I've recently learned about. To motivate myself and those reading this post, here are some of the success stories of Innogen Pharma's LesoCarb and LesoFat:

Cindy Patrimonio
Cindy Patrimonio, wife of PBA Superstar Alvin Patrimonio, had the habit of eating her favorite food without restrictions because she believes that she can lose everything she ate through working out at the gym. What she did was actually effective in maintaining her ideal weight when she was young, but when she got older, her metabolism also slowed down drastically resulting to gaining weight. This is when she finally decided to control her food intake and she also did researches to know which food must be added or removed from her diet. She also started regular working out sessions once again to overcome the "plateau" phase of her weight loss journey.

Marielle Mamaclay
World Videoke Champion Marielle Mamaclay knew that she needed to start taking care of her body after feeling down and less confident whenever she performs. She also got sick almost every month, again due to her weight, that made her realize that it is indeed time to have a healthy diet and that she had to increase her physical activities as well. 

At present, both Cindy and Marielle are already losing so much weight and they truly thank LesoFat and LesoCarb for being effective products during their fitness journey. Here's a brief description of both products below:

LesoCarb 500mg - P14.75/capsule in box of 42's
LesoCarb is an all-natural lifestyle supplement made out of white kidney bean and it aims to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from food intake up to 66%. It is non systemic which only works in the Gastrointestinal Tract. 

What it does is it inhibits the starch digesting enzyme Alpha-Amylase by interfering the conversion of starch into glucose, thus it lessens calorie absorption in the body. It is advised to take 1-2 capsules every high carbohydrate meal.

120mg cap - P33.00/capsule and 60mg cap - P29.75/capsule in box of 20's
LesoFat (Orlistat) blocks 30% of your fat intake through pancreatic lipase inhibition. It is in pelletech capsule so that it has a uniform distribution and same with LesoCarb, it only works on the Gastrointestinal Tract. It has 2 variants: the 120mg for obese adults and 60mg for obese teenager which are both advised to be taken every high fat meal.

Both are available in all leading drugstores nationwide. For more information about these products, follow them on their Facebook Pages: LesoCarb and LesoFat. You can also check out the videos below to give you brief information about both products: 

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