Smart Parenting's Baby Shower 2016 is a success!

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Seeing celebrity mommies throwing such luxurious Baby Showers gave me the impression that only those who are privileged can experience such a fun event. Little did I know that Smart Parenting, the largest parenting new and lifestyle brand in the Philippines, organizes an annual Baby Shower for all expectant mommies to celebrate the joy and thrills of the first stage of being a mom. "A lot of expectant mothers look forward to the Smart Parenting Baby Shower as it has become a venue for interactive and hands-on learning, as well as fruitful dialogues among mothers about the wonderful and exciting journey of pregnancy," said Lei Dimarucut-Sison, Smart Parenting Managing Editor. 

If only I've learned about this event way back when I was pregnant, I would've joined Smart Parenting's baby shower back then. Although I'm not pregnant at present, I was very lucky to be part of this year's event, thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines and to Ms. Grace of Smart Parenting. Last April 3, 2016, I was able to attend their Baby Shower at Discovery Suites Ortigas, together with other mommy bloggers and a whole lot of preggy mommies who signed up for the event.

Smart Parenting, in partnership with the new Downy Baby Gentle (the latest innovation in fabric conditioner designed to provide gentle softness and long-lasting mild scent for baby's clothes), created an informative and fun-filled afternoon with engaging activities and relevant discussions. Smart Parenting experts were also invited to share essential information for all mommies in preparation for the arrival of their new bundle of joy. Mothers were also given first-hand information about the importance of choosing baby-friendly products that are dermatologist-tested for baby's sensitive skin.

The event was hosted by the beautiful DJ, writer and mommy, Ms. Delamar Arias, who also helped in unveiling Smart Parenting and Downy's newest offering, the "All About Babies" magazine.

The the first talk started with Dra. Jamie Isip-Cumpas, an expert from the Philippines Pediatric Society, which was all about the significance of Gentle Softness on Baby's skin.

Next was Doula Betty San Luis and her husband shared the different options of giving birth through their talk: "Your Birth of Choice: Natural, Medicated, C-Section, or Water Birth" which got a lot of expectant mommies interested as to what they would want to undergo when that faithful day comes.

Ms. Betty San Luis is actually the main Childbirth mentor of Birthing is a Blessing and a certified Doula with Childbirth International (CBI), a global training organization committed to establishing international standards for childbirth education programs and doula training. She is also very active in conducting Childbirth Preparation Classes and nurtures birthing mothers through her Doula Support Service.

It was then followed by Ms. Sharon Agoncillo-Galang, an Independent Certified Instructor (ICI) of the Baby Signs Programs and a passionate speaker with 18 years of hands-on experience on the different fields of Early Education, Training and Development, Training Management and Leadership. We had a lot of fun learning very helpful sign languages from her and seeing personal videos of her daughter was very inspiring.

Breastfeeding, which is one of the most important topic for all the moms-to-be, was discussed by Ms. Zenaida Feliciano, an executive turned Breastfeeding Coach who helped set-up the first Prenatal Lactation Clinic in the Philippines at the Asian Hospital. She shared that breastfeeding is not as easy as it looks but there area no reason to not perform it. Even those with medical problems involving their breasts are able to provide breast milk for their babies.

After that, the mommies were given a choice to participate in a Prenatal Yoga Session c/o Urban Ashram or a Craft Segment (Scribble Onesies) with writer, stylist and travel blogger, Coni Tejada.

Everyone had so much fun trying out pre-natal yoga and designing their baby's bibs. What a great way to entertain all the mommies after all those informative talks.

Lastly, the special guest speaker was revealed! It was TV host, author and first-time mommy, Ms. Bianca Gonzales-Intal who was invited to share how she was able to be a hands-on mom despite her busy schedule. It was a very fun and engaging talk with Ms. Bianca as she talked about her experience during labor, when she gave birth to her daughter Lucia Martine and of course, her sleepless nights with her daughter and husband.

Before the event finally comes to a close, Discovery Suites Ortigas informed all mommies that they have packages that would be perfect for events such as Baptismal and Birthday Celebration for their babies. For those interested, you may visit their Website.

It was indeed a day filled with fun activities and must-know topics that experts have gladly shared to every mom who attended the Baby Shower. What's even better was they ended the event with a lot of raffle prizes and giveaways to the attendees. Thanks to Smart Parenting and Downy Philippines for yet another successful Baby Shower! 

To know more about the importance of dermatologist-tested fabric conditioner, Gentle Softness Tips and How Tos, you can visit Downy Philippines' Facebook Page. For those who would like to learn more vital parenting information and relevant content 24/7, you may visit Smart Parenting's Website and follow them on their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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