What to Look For in Cleaning Products

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What to Look For in Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are substances that are used to get rid of dirt, stains, bad odors, and clutter. They serve several purposes, including cleaning and disinfecting, and preventing the spread of contaminants. 

Here are some tips on what to look for in cleaning products. After reading the following tips, you'll be better armed to choose the best cleaning products for your home. 


In a recent study, we looked at the ingredients in cleaning products. The study aimed to develop a database of the ingredients used in these products, and to report on those chemicals. 

We compiled data from product formulators to develop an ingredient inventory of more than 13,000 names and uses from more than 1,000 products. Ingredients were classified by chemical classes and associated with their specific uses in products. We analyzed the ingredients' effects on health and safety in the context of common cleaning tasks, including toilet bowl, floor, window, and toilet bowl cleaning.

Some cleaning products contain toxic ingredients that can be harmful to workers and aquatic life when used improperly. While most cleaning products undergo standard sewage treatment, many of the constituents are not removed by this process. 

Alkylphenol ethoxylates are a particularly common toxic ingredient that has been found to disrupt reproduction in marine animals. Click here for more information about this chemical. Several surfactants used in conventional cleaning products biodegrade slowly and can potentially harm aquatic life.

Hazard classifications

Chemicals used to clean are classified according to their hazard classes. The flammable and toxic substances in a typical cleaning product are listed on the label. This classification means that they may cause fire or explosion. 

Many solvent cleaners and paint thinners are flammable. The only exceptions to this rule are oxygen cylinders and explosive mines. These chemicals are classified as hazardous materials in the US. To avoid exposing employees or the general public to hazardous chemicals, it is important to follow proper precautions.

Some chemicals may have high or low pH levels. Some are classified as hazardous when the pH level is less than 2 or higher than 12. There are also hazard classifications for cleaning products based on environmental and health criteria. 

Many accrediting bodies use this metric to determine the health and environmental risks of chemicals used in cleaning products. Hazard classifications for cleaning products are not required by law, but they can be a good starting point to help consumers choose safer products.

Ecolabel certifications

There are many reasons why consumers should use Ecolabel-certified cleaning products. For one, Ecolabel is a voluntary certification program that measures the environmental performance of products and services. Click the link: https://www.epa.gov/greenerproducts for the Environmental Protection Agency’s guide to buying green.

This program evaluates a product's environmental impact throughout its lifecycle, not just its production. The certification process considers multiple criteria, including air and water quality, soil preservation, waste minimization, energy efficiency, natural resource management, and mitigation of climate change.

Companies can obtain Ecolabel certification for their cleaning products by demonstrating that their products are safe for both the environment and human health. 

Third-party ecolabel providers help manufacturers identify potential risks and pinpoint sustainable programs and claims. Once certified, these companies have the right to display the Ecolabel certification on their products. 

This certification means that the product meets a defined standard that protects the environment. It is also easier for consumers to identify products with ecolabel certifications if they have the mark on their products.

Environmental impact

An environmental impact of cleaning products is the effect a chemical compound has on humans and the environment. These products often contain harsh chemicals that aren't safe for use around humans or animals. 

By taking some simple steps to reduce the risk of these chemicals in your cleaning supplies, you can help save the planet and protect your family. One step is to purchase cleaning machines and other supplies through a reputable dealer such as EJ-24 which offers many different options when it comes to cleaning. You can check their website for more information. 

Generally, household cleaners are not considered pollutants, but are actually created to make an indoor environment safe for human habitation. Although most are effective in removing harmful organisms, they can damage the air and water. Many chemicals found in cleaning products are toxic to humans and animals.

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