Four ways to feel good after having a baby

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A joyous occasion - this is what people call having a new baby. Bear in mind; these are the people who don’t give birth to said child! Of course, a newborn baby is a fantastic addition to the family, but having a baby and physically pushing it out? That’s a lot for the human body. Women do what they can to stay safe during pregnancy, looking after their bodies during the rapid changes they face. When they go through birth and labor, the body changes even further.

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You can get so much help to look after a baby, but what about you? How do you make you feel good? New mamas feel so battered and bruised, but no one can help her with that. So, you need to take care of you the best way that you can, and information is going to help you to do that. With that in mind, let’s take a look at four things to look out for after childbirth, and how you can make yourself feel good.

● Pain After Birth
Bleeding is normal after labor; it’s called lochia, and it’s the waste expelled while the wound created by the placenta heals. It slows down and subsides after a few weeks, but if you’re experiencing any pain, you need to make sure that you haven't retained any birth products. You can feel good within yourself when you tell the doctors how you are feeling. So, if you are experiencing pain and you are concerned in any way at all, let someone know.

● The Physical Changes
Your body went through a lot during pregnancy, but mothers really do struggle to see their changed bodies once the baby arrives. Of course, some mothers go ahead with plastic surgery - and you can find out more about that later when your body heals. However, it’s so vital that you look after yourself after birth. You do not need to jump onto the exercise and diet wagon, especially when you’re breastfeeding. However, keep active with walks and eat a balanced diet to fuel that milk! You’ll notice that you will lose your hair for a while after birth; it’s not great to experience, but it is normal, and you can read more about postpartum hair loss here.

● Feelings & Emotions
It is not uncommon as a new mother to experience the baby blues. Yes, you love your baby, but your baby is basically a hand grenade thrown into your life. So, you are going to feel overwhelmed and scared naturally. Those are feelings that will change with time. Postpartum depression is another thing entirely. If you start to feel worthless, you need to seek help. Depression is a big, black hole of fear and anger - so you need to get help while you can!

● Feeding Problems
If you breastfeed your baby, you will be bombarded with information. Your breasts will fill with milk, which is known as engorgement, and your baby will help you out. The best way to help your engorgement is to feed, feed, feed! Feeding shouldn't be painful, so watching for signs of mastitis and a poor latch will help.

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