Thinking of Moving Overseas? Here's Your Moving Checklist

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There are many perks of living the transatlantic traveling lifestyle. You get to see the
wonders of the world, immerse yourself into different cultures, try different foods, meet new people. The list is endless and varies depending on the individual desires of a person and what is important to them.

What about if you fall in love with a place so much so that you think about starting your life there? Much like moving to a different area of your home country, there are a few things to work through before making the ultimate decision to pack up your life and start again in a new country.

Moving home in itself is a huge task--combine that with moving overseas, and you have the potential for a logistical nightmare! Here is a list of those things to help you along the way of living in your dream country.

Start Learning The Language

‘Ah, but so many people can speak English! What’s the point?’ is an attitude displayed by many people when they encounter the issue of language. While it may be true in some cases, there’s always going to be room for misinterpretation and other language barriers. Not everybody speaks English, and taking the time to learn some basic phrases will not only make you feel more comfortable in a new environment, but it will also allow you to start to form relationships with those around you.

Language learning apps such as duolingo are increasing in popularity. They turn the concept of learning languages into a game--offering a wide range of languages to learn, too!

Take Another Trip

The romantic feeling of entering a new country can lose its novelty pretty quickly, especially if you visited in a particular season--for example, German markets at Christmas time may host all of the magic of the season, but in rainy autumn, may not seem so appealing.

Take a trip during a different season to see if you could hack it living in this new country when the weather changes.

If you previously stayed in a nice hotel, try renting an AirBnB for a couple of weeks, to immerse yourself into the local community. You’ll also have the opportunity to try and cook like a local and shop in their stores. All of these things will help you to see if you can really see yourself living there in the longer term.

Start to Speculatively Job Search

It’s all very well and good to have the dream of moving overseas, but one of the things that you may have to leave behind is your job. You need to find ways of supporting yourself financially so you are able to live the life you want overseas.

You might be fortunate enough to run your own business, or have the opportunity to work remotely, but you’ll need to consider time-zone differences based on business needs, too.

Look on local job listings to see if there are any jobs that match your skills and consider tailoring your resume to meets the needs of the employer.

Think About Where You’ll Live

Like the buzz of the big city, the relaxing sounds of the sea, or the quite remote areas of the country? Think about how these things will affect how and where you look for a property to live in.

Many visas won’t allow settlement immediately, so search for the best places to find rental properties...or sewa rumah in Indonesia, alquiler in Spain, or even аренда недвижимости in Russia. This way you’re not committing to staying in one place beyond the allowances of your visa.

Be aware-- even in short-term rentals, the lettings people will likely want you to provide references from previous landlords, and evidence of up to 3x the monthly rent in total household income.

Check Legal Requirements

There are some countries you are able to visit for up to three months without a visa, and there are others that require multiple visas for various reasons. Make sure you’re well versed in these requirements before throwing all of your money away to move overseas. Prepare for the piles of paperwork that will likely need filling in, by organizing all of your bank statements, mortgage and tax bills into an expanding file. Make sure to have enough time on your passport to travel to your potential new country, as well as having at least 6 months left for if you plan to return to your home country at any point.

All of these things should be done at least 6 months prior to your planned move.
Then it’s time to get packing!

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