Converting your family to camping and caravanning

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Sure, jetting off to exotic and far removed places is fun but so is staying put in your own country and exploring areas and attractions that aren’t so far to travel to. Honestly, If you’ve been a globetrotter up until now and are coming round to the idea of camping and caravanning as part of a domestic family holiday, you’ll join hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts across the world. You’ll also hopefully be able to take advantage of an industry that is evolving to serve the needs of holidaymakers that now expect a lot more than a field and a shared tap when it comes to campsite facilities.

According to recently published statistics, 136,425 caravan and campers visited New South Wales in Australia last year – a figure that’s doubled over the last ten years. More people are also hitting the road to holiday in the Northern Hemisphere. In the UK, Visit Britain reports a staggering 10.65 million domestic camping and caravanning trips were taken in 2017, accounting for 15% of all ‘stay at home’ holidays. If being on trend isn’t enough to win the doubters in your family camp over to camping, here are a few more reasons camping and caravanning should be on your holiday to do list.

You can have more holidays
Going abroad can be prohibitively expensive. Yes, there are some great value all-inclusive deals around, but when you skip flights and even boats and train rides, holidays can be a whole lot cheaper. If you have a fixed annual holiday budget you could well find that staying put means you’re able to afford more breaks throughout the year. That means seeing more places, doing more fun things together and learning about the place you live too.

Many people argue that holidaying at home can prove to be more expensive in the long run once you’ve factored in food and entertainment, but the secret to a successful budget break is undoubtedly in the planning. Scoping out free attractions before you arrive or snagging voucher deals can save you a fortune when it comes to entertaining the kids. And with self-catering facilities in your caravan or tent, you don’t need to eat out for every meal. In fact, campfire cooking can really make the experience.

You can make it as luxurious as you want it to be
The Daily Telegraph reports that one of the reasons camping and caravanning is enjoying a fantastic boom Down Under is thanks to attractions such as ‘resort-style pools, water parks and the latest playground equipment’. In the past, camping and caravanning sites may have provided the basics like an on site tap and perhaps some shower blocks and a shop. Now, soft play areas, cafes and restaurants, parks and even pet minding services are available. Wi-Fi, hot coffee and indoor activities are often never far away, even while you have the wonders of nature to enjoy too. With a bit of something for everyone, if you need to win the doubters over, choosing a standout campsite will certainly help your case.
If you do choose to go a little more off grid and set up camp out in the sticks rather than booking into a designated site, you can still make the experience as luxury as you’d like it to be. Pack items like solar powered camping lights and diesel generators and you can enjoy modern living under your canvas or camper roof. So, if your teen really does need a phone charger so that they can keep tabs on Instagram, you can make sure you’ve got it covered.

It’s less hassle
You can be the most organised person in the world and you’ll probably still get anxiety about things like forgetting your passport or tickets when you go to the airport. You might encounter a traffic jam or two, but on the whole, domestic travel can be a whole lot more convenient and less hassle. It’s easier to go camping on the spur of the movement, you can grab things you’ve forgotten with relative ease and if you do decide to head back home early for whatever reason, there are no costly last minute flights to book. It’s also easy to plan with the needs of your fellow travellers in mind. If you’re holidaying with toddlers and young children, you can camp close to home or break up your car journey with fun stop-offs. So while at first being cooped up in a car with kids might seem less than appealing, in the majority of cases it should be a lot less hassle than a check-in, flight and hotel transfer.

Have you been won over to the world of camping and caravanning? What tips would you pass on to fellow family travellers who are thinking of making the switch?

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