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We are officially experiencing summer in the country and as the temperature rises, it’s time to level up your gears as you enjoy Sun, Sea and Sand. 

If the sudden closure of Boracay got your plans wayward, there are other worthy beaches in the country to save the day, in fact, some of these beaches are far better and cleaner than the ones we are used to and not to mention way cheaper in terms of cost of stay.

1. Resist the urge to fly - Look for beaches that are within your region. Road trips are way more enjoyable and gets you more bonding time with family and friends as you sing and swap stories along the way.

2. Camp- Instead of booking those high-priced resorts, why not bring out your tent and enjoy the compliments of outdoor.

3. Some water activities like Scuba diving and Surfing may require hefty fees, you may substitute these activities with snorkeling, swimming and island hopping in groups.

4. Protect your gears. You might want to protect your gadgets from the water, using waterproof gears is the wise way to go.

CD-R King, you one-stop media provider has got these summer ready items that matches your endless activities this summer. #CDRKingSummer

Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker – Enjoy music while camping without worrying about water-damage
Water Proof Gadget Case – Protect your phones and non-waterproof cameras
Water Proof Power Banks – Extend the power of your gadgets the most appropriate way.
Water Floater for Action Cameras – Save your gear from slipping with this floater.
Water Proof Camping Lanterns - Complement your camping with these cool lanterns without fear of water damage.
Rechargeable Handheld Fans – Refresh by sing these to beat the heat.
Get up and get going and let’s plan those summer escapades. Visit CD-R King branches near you or better yet, shop online thru and enjoy nationwide delivery.

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