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If you love music, I'm sure you would want to listen to it in the best way possible, may it be in portable speaker or a stereo. But usually, whenever you are going out, you use wireless headphones to hear your favorite songs clearly. But what brands should you purchase? Let me help you by enumerating some of the top wireless headphone choices:

Jabra Move

As the name implies, if you work out, this is a great option. Ideal for those who run, lift weights, or workout regularly, they have a padded ear rest, long battery life, noise isolation, and are completely sweat proof. Crisp and balanced sound, nice bass control, and easy to toggle on a smartphone so you don't have to fidget with wires while running or at the gym. 

Creative sound blaster

For the budget shopper, consider this pair of wireless headphones. Light 8.8 oz in weight, 32 mm drivers for great sound control and balance, a bass boost switch for mid-range jams to sound crisp and clear, and noise isolation, helps eliminate background noise in loud areas. They don't excel in every aspect, but for the price point, do provide a reasonable quality design and range in the world of wireless headphones. 

Plantronics beat sense

If you seek quality in design look no further. 330 ft wireless range, 32 mm drivers, noise isolation and cancellation, full ear coverage, overhead design, Bluetooth 4.0 ratings, are just a few of the features this headphone delivers. Sweat and water proof design, and deep sleep mode with up to 180 days or reserve power battery life, make it a great set for those who desire quality above all else.

When choosing new wireless headphones, you have several brands and models to consider. These are a few for the budget shopper, the quality seeker, and those looking for a mid-range design for working out or for people who are always on the go.

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