Custody battle of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton heats up!

5:38:00 AM

It's not getting any better for these two! Robin Thicke and his ex, Paula Patton continue to fight over custody of their son Julian. The two, who have been involved in this bitter custody battle for quite some time now, had to have police intervene on Friday when Paula pulled out of a prearranged visitation with Julian and Robin.

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Robin, who can only have visitation with Julian with a court appointed monitor present at this time, arrived at a parking area to wait for Paula to drop the boy off with the monitor. Robin's camp says that Paula arrived an hour late, and then got so angry that Robin was in the parking lot (apparently violating his restraining order), that she left with her son still in tow and skipped out on the visit.

This all comes after the court appointed monitor canceled a previous video just a week or so ago, and cut another one short when she felt that six year old Julian didn't want to be there. This custody battle is definitely becoming a nasty, bitter thing, and we feel bad that Julian is involved in this mess. Hopefully his parents are able to come to an agreement soon, so that everyone can settle in and move on healthily.

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