What makes an Online English Teaching a Noble Profession (Teacher Balin)?

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Ever since the boom of internet usage in the country, a lot has depended on everything online including researches, news, communicating with friends and even education. An example of this is the rise of online teaching that people already consider as a career nowadays such as 51Talk. For those who still do not know what 51Talk is, it is actually the country's fastest growing online English Language Teaching platform that provides education to China with 6000++ online teachers. 

They've been growing their community for quite some time which made a lot of people think that it is very easy to apply and that it doesn't have that much requirement necessary, but the truth is, this noble profession is just like traditional classroom teaching that needs a lot of skills and requirements. Let me now share to you the myths that people wrongly think about Online English teaching and the truth behind this passion-requiring job:

Myth 1: Teaching Online does not require a lot of skills nor training.
Fact: Teaching Experience is not required, but it is very important that you develop the skills and you receive a much needed training. A lot may be very fluent in speaking the English language, but only a few knows how to teach and listen to their students patiently. A proper training is definitely required for an online teacher to have the right mindset and t develop the required skill for the job. In 51Talk, online teachers undergo thorough training that not only informs them about what and how to teach but most importantly, how to encourage and motivate students.

Myth 2: You can teach and do anything you want while teaching online.
Fact: It still depends on your student's skill level and learning pace. Your own teaching style can only be applied once it agrees with the appropriate teaching method and even though the teachers are not physically present, they should constantly give their attention to the student and never let them feel neglected.

Myth 3: Online Teaching is not as in-depth as a personal or face-to-face tutorial.
Fact: Although it is online teaching, it doesn't mean that the lessons or your interaction with the students are less substantial or real. Making sure that you have the appropriate tools, materials, techniques, and you display the right behavior, online teaching can be as productive and in-depth as that of a face-to-face tutorial.

Myth 4: Online Teaching can be a drag as you end up doing the same thing over and over again.
Fact: It is far from being a drag because as the students improve their skills, the teacher also learns new new teaching styles and skills as well. Reviews are also required to make your lessons and skills up to date and relevant. The fulfillment of seeing the student's improvement will also never get old and boring.

To sum this all up, Online teaching requires commitment, discipline and effort but also promises personal and professional development and immense satisfaction. If you are interested to be a part of the team as a home-based or office-based online teacher and learn more about what 51Talk has to offer, you can check out their Website now.

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  1. An online English teaching program offers students the chance to learn the English language from the comfort of their own homes. With an online English teaching program, students can interact with an experienced instructor who can help them improve their English language skills.

  2. I think all other professional backgrounds also learn from teachers. I mean, it has to be a teacher. For this reason, a lot of individuals believe that teaching is the most honorable career out there. The next generation's minds are shaped by teaching, which also helps to develop potential and encourages students to leave the classroom with a love of learning and self-assurance.

  3. Online English teaching is indeed a noble profession that requires dedication and skill. Contrary to popular belief, it demands thorough training and patience to effectively engage with students. It's not merely about fluency in English but also about the ability to teach and motivate learners. Additionally, teachers must tailor their approach to match each student's level and pace, ensuring a supportive learning environment. As an assignment writer online, I recognize the significance of acknowledging the professionalism and commitment of online educators in shaping the future of education.



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