A mother's love aided by Tupperware Brands

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A mother's love is immeasurable and unconditional. Next to God's Love for us, our mother's care for her children is pure, strong, unselfish, devoted and everlasting. Even back when a child is still in her womb till the first time she carries her baby in her arms, her emotions towards her child is truly remarkable. Though there are times that we feel like our moms always contradict with what makes us happy, that doesn't mean that they don't love us anymore. It is actually their way of protecting us from things that they think would end up hurting us. She will do whatever it takes to keep us out of danger without us noticing their efforts.

How a mother cares for her child and how she interacts with them will definitely have an impact on how that child becomes when he/she grows up. If the child feels that she is loved by her mother through her words and actions, surely that child would grow up full of love as well. Even with simple acts such as getting up in the middle of the night just to feed the baby or clean up his/her wet diaper will definitely make the baby feel that there is always someone there to care for his/her needs. A mother's patience is also something that is tested when caring for her child. A crying baby can really be very irritating both for the baby and the mother, especially during the first few months, because the mother is still unable to distinguish the baby's cry whether the baby is hungry, sleepy or has a wet diaper. Those few months can really be frustrating but because of the pure love that a mother has for her baby, her patience is strengthened.

Indeed, a mother's love towards her baby is incomparable. And to help mothers in making their babies feel the love they deserve, Tupperware Brands created a line that is specially made for our precious babies. Introducing, the Baby Care Plus+ Milk products which consists of a baby bath, soap, lotion and powder that are carefully crafted for our baby's sensitive skin. It contains milk moisturizers to smoothen and nourish our baby's skin.

The Baby Care Plus+ Milk Baby Bath gently cleanses and conditions baby’s sensitive skin and hair, while the Baby Soap has milk moisturizers and olive oil extracts that protect baby’s skin from dryness. Both the Bath and Soap contains a Lamesoft Skin Protector that helps form a natural barrier to prevent the loss of moisture while bathing. The Baby Lotion, on the other hand, has a light formulation, that locks in moisture for up to 24 hours, plus Vitamin E that nourishes baby’s skin, making it velvety smooth, soft, and smelling good all day long. The Baby Powder has Allantoin that works as an anti-irritant to soothe and protect baby while keeping him or her fresh and dry.

Being a mother is considered as one of the most difficult job known to man. It cannot be taught but must be learned through experience, you don't get paid monetarily, there are no vacation or sick leave and it can be very tiring. But with just a small smile from your baby can recharge a mom's energy. And through the help of Tupperware Brand's Baby Care Plus+ products, a mother's love just got even better. 

About Tupperware® Brands 

Tupperware Brands Philippines distributes well-loved brands including Tupperware, Baby Care Plus+, Kids Plus+, Colour Collection, Ivana and White Result. For your questions and inquiries on how to be a dealer, log on to their Website. You can also email them at questions@Tupperware.ph or call the hotline number 867-2222. You can also visit them on their Facebook Page for more updates.

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