Why do Moms on-the-go like me love Chooks-To-Go?

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For a working mom like who leaves home early in the morning and arrives a bit late in the evening, I do not have enough time to make a decent meal for my family, well I'm not really a good cook as well, but due to time constraints we usually buy ready to eat meals/viands for the whole family. And our favorite is of course, the Supersize Pepper Roast from the country's leading roasted chicken chain, Chooks-to-go! They offer oven-roasted quality chicken and juicy liempo, that you can easily buy wherever you are because at present, they already have thousands of rotisserie outlets nationwide.

So when I received an invite about a Chooks-to-go event, I immediately confirmed my attendance. I really am a fan of this brand ever since I first tasted it way back 2008. I was very curious to check out a roasted chicken that I've been used to eating my whole life with sauce (other brands), but this time, promises to taste even better "kahit walang sauce". And yes, the concept of a roasted chicken minus the sarsa truly blew everyone away, thus the success of the brand up to this very day. 

During the Chooks-to-go: Moms On the Go event last October 12, 2016, hosts Camille Prats and Suzi Entrata helped introduce Chooks-to-go's newest endorser, Vic Sotto, as well as showcase its latest campaign which is, "Hindi ka nag-uuwi ng basta-basta lang na ulam". They wanted to impart to everyone how Chooks-to-go can be a very decent take home food for the whole family because despite being affordable, it is a very special "ulam" option that is clean, healthy, juicy and delicious. 

Also present during the event was Delamar Arias that shared her experiences as a mom and how she shows her love to her family through providing food that they all enjoy.

"Chooks-to-go appreciates every Filipino mother's effort to provide food for the family. We want to support this by providing on-the-go moms with an affordable but special take home ulam option, an oven roasted chicken that's healthy, juicy and delicious," said Ronald Ricaforte Mascariñas, president of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI)

BAVI is the company that operates Chooks-to-go and they are also the largest poultry integrators that provide clean, healthy and affordable poultry products like Fresh Chicken, Marinated Chicken and Processed Meats.

The company's newest campaign showcasing Chooks-to-go as the best value for money take-home meal will surely be a hit especially to moms on-the-go like me who are very busy but still wants to give the best for the family.

Helping out with this campaign is veteran actor and TV show host, "Bossing" Vic Sotto who admitted that Chooks-to-go is her wife, Pauleen Sotto's favorite take-home meal. "When you bring home food to replace home-cooked meals, it has to be something really special for the family. Importante 'yun, kasi the family always expects na hindi basta-basta lang ang uwi mong ulam. Kung ang hilig ng pamilya ay manok, Chooks-to-go is the number one choice. Ito ay juicy, hindi tuyo, masarap mula balat hanggang laman at higit sa lahat, masarap kahit walang sauce. Yan ang ulam na hindi basta-basta", the newest Chooks-to-go endorser said.

Bossing Vic also expressed his admiration to hardworking moms that make effort in providing delicious food on the table stating that, "Saludo ako sa lahat ng mga hardworking na mga misis that at times when they can't cook but their kids want delicious food, dumaan ka lang sa Chooks-to-go, okay ka na." 

When asked why he accepted this endorsement, he replied: "Personally I didn't think twice about promoting this product because Chooks-to-go is my wife's favorite. Ito ang practical na ulam, na napakamalinamnam at sulit sa bulsa."

The event ended with BAVI President Ronald Ricaforte Mascariñas saying, "We are very excited to have Vic as our endorser because he really believes in the product he promotes. With Chooks-to-go and Bossing together, we have a great opportunity to support hardworking moms with a go-to take-home ulam of choice that's affordable, healthy and delicious.

It was a fun event especially with Bossing's side comments that made everyone laugh during his interview portion. One of the host, Michael Angelo, was also very entertaining with no boring moments as he was having a conversation with BAVI's President. I am happy to be part of Chooks-to-go's new campaign and endorser media launch thanks to sir John of Stratworks for the invitation. It was indeed a successful launch and hope to be part of Chooks-to-go's future events as well. :)

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