Taste authentic German beer through Stammtisch Trading Inc

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Last April 2016, Germany celebrated 500 years of the beer purity law and through this milestone, Stammtisch Trading Inc which is the exclusive distributor of German Beers Kaiser Brau and Veldensteiner in the Philippines has decided to introduce their company and the products that they are offering to a larger market.

Kaiser Brau is the largest private brewery in Nuremberg in the state of Bavaria where the beer purity law started. It uses the latest technology but follows the German tradition of brewing beer in the medieval town of Veldenstein. Under the German beer purity law, only four ingredients can be used in brewing beer—hops, barley, yeast, and water. Even with such strict limitations, Kaiser Brau offers a wide variety of beer and its beers have been awarded the gold medal by the DLG--an organization that tests food and beverages in Germany.

Kaiser Brau is distributed mainly in Northern Bavaria but it has extended its reach to Italy, France, the US, the UK, Poland, Croatia, China, and Thailand.

To learn more about Stammtisch Trading Inc and the products that they are offering, you may contact them at 09212746345, 09972751906 or 9942915.

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