Rainy day toys and activities that will keep your little ones busy on a miserable day!

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There’s nothing more daunting than rain lashing at the windows whilst your children are running around inside, bickering with each other, and demanding to be entertained. It’s a nightmarish scenario for any parent who’s also stuck inside on a rainy day.

Finding ways to keep the family entertained when the weather is poor can be intimidating, especially if you're supposed to be working from home or if you have a long list of chores and jobs that need completing around the house. Well, you're not alone! Here I've gathered my favorite and trusted rainy-day activities that will keep your little ones busy on a miserable day. Check out these 2 years old boy toys from Wicked Uncle, to get started. 

A play tent

Play tents provide hours of fun at a very modest price. Whether you go for something plastic that you can wipe clean, or something a little more stylish like a fabric tepee, play tents can unlock your child's imagination and they'll love hopping on a rocket to the moon, or fighting off dragons in their very own castle. You could even fill it with soft play balls and make your own ball pit at home! Play tents are incredibly versatile, you might even be invited inside for a pretend cup of tea! 

Arts and crafts

Having access to arts and crafts, coloring pens, and paper gives your children a chance to express themselves and indulge their creative sides. You don't need much to provide your children with what they need. Some good pens, plenty of paper and colored card, glue, and even your recycling pots and boxes! It'll keep the kids busy for a while, and you can use this time to catch up on those emails. 

Try some window markers

Window markers are simple yet super fun! Your kids will LOVE drawing and scrawling all over your windowpanes. Thankfully, the ink wipes away clean, so you don’t have to worry. It’s always best to make sure your children are using the right pens before they start this activity!

Paint rocks! 

Do you have some pebbles and rocks left over from your last trip to the park or the beach? Or do you have some rocks you could collect from outside? Give them a wash, and provide your little ones with traditional paint or acrylic markers and let their imagination run wild. Once the weather clears up, you could place them in your local area for residents to find! 

New books

Sometimes, the simplest of activities are the best ones. And there’s nothing better than curling up together on a rainy day with a good book. Let the kids take it in turns to choose, find a comfortable spot and enjoy some time together. 

And finally, puddle jumping!

You know how the saying goes – if you can’t beat them, join them! When you feel like you need some fresh air and the kids are desperate to burn off some energy, put on some layers, wrap them up in their raincoats and wellies and head out into the rain! 

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