Family Food When You're A Little Tired

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 Everyone that has a family, will know how hard it is to eat right. It's been a long day, you just want to relax and have a full belly before you go to bed. Many of us can relate to this feeling of just wanting something in our stomachs, so we can just go to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night; which would happen if we skipped dinner out of convenience. However, we think that this isn’t a battle that you have to lose every time. So here are a few recipes for your family, when you are all a little tired, too tired to cook but not too tired to go to bed.

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Classic Neapolitan pasta

Rome may have some significant advantages over Naples in some areas like architecture and opera, but some would say it rivals in cuisines. Naples is of course the birthplace of pizza, but it's also the birthplace of Neapolitan style pasta. Keeping it simple is their motto. 

You need any pasta you like and some good quality pasata. Chop up some red chili and garlic. In fact, mush the garlic into a paste so it will melt into the sauce instead of clumping. Then, when the sauce has thickened after simmering for 30-minutes or so, add the pasta to it. Never put the sauce into the pasta, always the pasta into the sauce. This will not change the consistency of the sauce. Then add some fresh mozzarella di Campa, i.e. mozza balls. Sprinkle some fresh basil leaves over the top and you’re done.

The northern Brit

Fish pies are extremely popular in the UK. it's a cold, wet and windy climate, so a whole meal on a plate is quite the common ethos in their cuisine. Pies are the most famous type of food on the island, and fish pie is among the best. Fish pie is very cheap and simple to make. You can use haddock, cod, salmon, pollock, sea bass or monkfish. You will need some good extra mature English cheddar for the sauce, as well as some white wine with low acidity. Have some garden peas and leeks at the ready too. Follow this recipe for the authentic fish pie that has its roots in the North of England and Scotland.

Tofu surprise

Here’s something that your family might not expect to see on their dinner plates; tofu! Tofu is a soft bean curd that is popular in countries such as Japan, Thailand, Korea and China. The black pepper tofu with bok choy is one of the best easy healthy dinner recipes for the whole family. The pepper and choy combo is subtle and doesn’t break any authenticity bars, so you get the full experience of an Asian infusion dish. On top of that, it's very cheap, as tofu and noodles cost very little compared to meat or pasta.

When you’re tired and out of ideas, take up the task to create any one of these simple dishes. It can feed the whole family and be your saving grace when you need to get to bed.

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