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One of my past time back in the Philippines was to try different restaurants and cafes and make blog posts about them. Although that kind of lessened when I started to work in the hospital because there's not much time to spend in front of the computer after an exhausting duty. 

When I came here in Najran, I thought i'll be staying at home and just go out for work, because it was a province with not much place to go to. Little did I know, there are a few restaurants that would definitely be great to try and explore together with my friends.

One of them is Caldo Cafe in Al Faisaliah, along King Faisal Road. I found out about this place thanks to my friends who frequently visit the cafe. We went to the Family Section and the rooms were quite spacious which are good for celebrations. They offer pasta, chicken, shrimps, fries, snacks, desserts and a wide variety of drinks including coffee, smoothies, tea and even cocktails. Scan this QR Code to see their menu:

From Caldo Cafe's Instagram Page

Here's what we ordered:

Chicken Tenders - 25sr

Dynamite Chicken - 25sr

Pasta Kaster - 35sr

The chicken tenders together with the cheese sauce were tasty plus it has fries mixed in as well. One order would be good for 2-3 persons already. Dynamite Chicken was also flavorful with a hint of spice in the sauce and it also comes with fries. Probably good for 2 persons only since it's served in a small bowl. We are pasta lovers so we ordered their best seller, which is called Pasta Kaster and its a mix of sweet and cheesy flavor with a few garlic breads on the side. Good for 2-3 persons.

For drinks, we ordered:

Cold Spanish Latte - 16sr

Champagne - 15sr

In every cafe, I always get their Iced Spanish Latte. I just liked the taste of it so it has been my favorite coffee to order. It has a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness, but its not the best Iced Spanish Latte if tried here in Najran. My friends ordered the Strawberry Smoothie and they said it had just the right sweetness and they loved it. Then to finish our night out, we ordered what the server suggested, which was the Champagne. It was a cocktail drink with mixed fruits. It was not too sweet and it was carbonated so it has that tingling sensation in every sip. It was actually good.

What's good about family sections is that we can remove our abayas inside and just feel at home. Of course we had to take photos inside:

If you want good food, nice family rooms and great service, try Caldo Cafe. We had fun and we will definitely visit the place again soon. Have you tried Caldo Cafe? Which food is your favorite? Which food do you suggest we try next time?

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