Revisiting Cafe Lupe Hostel and Restaurant

11:14:00 PM

Last time I went to Cafe Lupe was like 3 years ago when I was the vocalist of our acoustic band, Stacatto. We played there every week and I must say that I enjoy every performance we had at Cafe Lupe that lasted for more than 2 years. I just love the ambiance, the food and of course, the staff and management that were very friendly and accommodating. 

Back then, Cafe Lupe was located at Comoda Ville's Roof Deck and their Hostel was still under construction. Haven't seen it since then but tomorrow, I am very excited to be able to visit the place once again. Thanks to Ms. Grace of Tag Media / Pinoy Blogger for including me as one of the participants for a 2 day Antipolo Bloggers Getaway wherein we get to see a few must-see places in Antipolo, stay and dine at Cafe Lupe Hostel and Restaurant and sing our hearts out at their Family KTV.

Photo grabbed from Cafe Lupe Hostel and Restaurant's Facebook Page
According to our tentative itinerary, we will visit the Antipolo Church, Hinulugang Taktak, Mystical Cave and Mount Purro Nature Reserve. Hopefully the weather tomorrow would permit. I'm really very excited for tomorrow's getaway and I can't wait to share to you what we'll be experiencing this weekend. 

Stay tuned for my Cafe Lupe weekend experience soon! You may also add me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat: @yvonnembertoldo to see photos and videos during the 2-day event. :)

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