AMPR Digital Appreciation Night at Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge

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Makati's Jupiter Street is known to be one of the busiest streets in the city where KTV bars and restaurants serving different cuisines are found open even in wee hours as they cater to customers that just want to relax and chill after a stressful day at work. I am not really familiar with the establishments in that area but I was able to visit a few to cover events. 

Last June 23, I get to wander Jupiter Street once more as I look for a newly opened restaurant, the Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge, which will be the venue for the AMPR Digital Appreciation Night. Located at 1-C Valdelcon Bldg, 20 Jupiter St. Bel-air, Makati City, the place is a bit hard to find so make sure to be on the look out for their facade shown below:

photo grabbed from Spot PH
I am very thankful to be invited by AMPR to be part of their Food and Travel Bloggers' Meet-Up event as they introduce one of their newest client, Gardenia, get to know other bloggers that have the same blog niche as mine and of course, to try out what Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge has in store for all its customers.

To give you a little background of the bistro, it is actually the first restaurant of Col Cuore Corporation (established in 2016) founded by Mau Aguasin and Rudolph Leonor and was later joined by their friends Kate So and Jeff Mariano. Cuore, which means "heart" in Italian, opened last February 2016 and is now getting popular in the area for serving international cuisines that are deliciously curated to please a Filipino's palate. 

During the event, I was able to try out Cuore's best sellers from their pass-around appetizer, main dishes and dessert samplers. For starters, they served "The One Who Got Away" - Cuore's Fries Nachos, "When Our Eyes Met" - Best Baby Squid Calamari, "Chix n' Chips - Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings and "Savory Bites" composed of Cuore's Beef Salpicao, Pinoy Pride's Beef Tapa and Spinach and Cream.

The One Who Got Away - Cuore's Fries Nachos
Since "Cuore" means Heart, some of their dishes' names seems heartfelt like it's reminiscing a great love story. Although their Cuore's Fries Nachos was named "The one who got away" which is like a failed relationship, it would make anyone who taste this appetizer feel really happy and contented. I really like my fries cheesy so I enjoyed this dish rather than the usual nacho chips. 

When Our Eyes Met - Best Baby Squid Calamari w/ Marinara and Garlic Aioli Dip
This can be very addictive. The bite-sized calamari is very flavorful even before you dip it in the sauce provided. The breading is still crisp which is really good unlike other calamari with mushy breading and I love that it is not too oily. Enjoyed every piece of this deliciously fried baby squid.

Chix n' Chips - Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings
Suckers for hot and spicy wings, this is the dish for you. With a hint of sweetness and dipped in a creamy sauce on the side, you will surely want more. The perfectly cooked fries are of course, a plus.

Savory Bites - Cuore's Beef Salpicao, Pinoy Pride's Beef Tapa and Spinach and Cream
I just wish that I was able to try this when they served it fresh out of the oven but since I was a bit late, I ended up trying these when it was already cold. The bread was already chewy but I still loved the toppings especially the Beef Tapa. So make sure that when this is served, grab it while it's hot! 

Now off to the main dishes! They served quite a lot of tummy filling dishes which includes the "First Date" - Pesto Linguini, "Fab Mama's Fave" - Shrimp and Veggies Linguini, "All My Love" - Cuore's Best-selling Roasted Chicken with Side Salad, "Childhood Sweetheart" - Cuore's 3 Cheese Brick Oven Pizza and "Spanish Seduction" - Chorizo and Egg Brick Oven Pizza.

First Date - Pesto Linguini
The pesto sauce is not too strong which I actually liked and the Sole Fillet is seasoned well.

The pasta is cooked well and the vegetable aglio olio is just perfect to give it a light flavor. The shrimps were seasoned nicely too.

All My Love - Cuore's Best-Selling Roasted Chicken with Side Salad
The mushroom and leak cream sauce made this dish my favorite. It just works really well with the perfectly roasted chicken. It is served with a generous amount of fresh salad on the side splashed with vinaigrette. 

Childhood Sweetheart - Cuore's 3 Cheese Brick Oven Pizza
Spanish Seduction - Chorizo and Egg Brick Oven Pizza
Who wouldn't love a brick oven pizza? Both the 3 Cheese and their Chorizo and Egg Pizza are must tries when you visit Cuore. But personally, I like the 3 Cheese better simply because, I love anything with cheese and this has a combination of 3

Thirst quenchers that night were Homemade Iced Tea and The Best Sangria.

Both refreshing but I think I'll stick to the Homemade Iced Tea. Not too sweet and it doesn't have that weird aftertaste. The Sangria would be perfect for those who love to taste cocktails and wants a bit of alcohol on their drink.

Now for the finale, desserts! We were able to try their "Deep Lover" - Espresso Muscovado Panna Cota, "Summer Camp Fling" - Pudding + Smores Hybrid and "Dolce Maria" - Cuore's Best-selling Churros.

The Espresso Muscovado Panna Cota is surprisingly delicious. It's not too sweet and I like how the muscovado gives the gooey panna cota a bit of texture. I could definitely finish 2-3 glasses of this dessert.

I love marshmallows but when it's burnt and turned into a smore, I tend to pass. I just don't want to eat to taste the bitterness of the burnt part. But the puddings were actually good.

My favorite out of the three desserts. Their churros were served warm, soft and chewy and tastes even better when dipped in the salted caramel ice cream on the side. This serving is good for 2 persons but I bet I could finish one order while having a chitchat with a friend.

Check out their menu for a wide range of international dishes that you might want to try during your visit at Cuore:

Menu photos grabbed from Zomato
So if you are in the area and you just want to relax and unwind after a stressful and tiring day from work while you munch on amazingly good food, Cuore is a restaurant that I am very pleased to recommend. To know more about Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge, you can visit their Facebook Page and you can also follow them on their Instagram Account to get updates and promos.

Again, I would like to thank sir Richard of AMPR for the invitation and hope to have more campaigns and events with you and your team soon.

Cuore Bistro and Social Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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