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Last June 2015, a new cake shop opened at 38 Tomas Morato Ave, Quezon City. Owned by Chef Eliaquim Labang, who is also the executive chef of the cake shop, it is a dream turned into reality to be able to put up even just a small bake shop in the busy streets of Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez Ave. Although sales are not that great, Chef Eliaquim a.k.a Chef Jack pushed really hard to create the best tasting cakes for his customers using everything that he learned and experienced abroad. 

But with what happened during the campaign period for 2016 elections changed Quim's Cake status from a 1 year old newbie in the cake shop industry, into a internationally known Bakeshop and Cafe! If you don't know what happened, let me share to you a bits and pieces of Quim's Cake's rise to fame!

Chef Jack Labang, made a post about challenging the then presidential candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to a fist fight which earned Chef a huge number of bashers in social media. Then he posted something like "if the people presidential bet, Duterte, won the election, he will be giving away 5M worth of cakes to the public". A lot clearly took that seriously and the rest was history. Clearly, Chef Jack Labang was a man of his words and they announced that they will be giving away cake slices worth 5M that he promised to those who register and send them emails and gets included in their daily quota of i think 30 persons every 1st and 15th of the month.

And just last July 1, the first ever person to claim his free Moist Chocolate cake from Quim's cake is Jeffrey Dela Cruz who came all the way from Parañaque City:

I am very honored to be invited to Quim's Cake to witness the first batch of claimants and of course, to try out their specialty dishes cooked by their Singing Chef Jhollow Ignacio and of course, Chef Eliaquim Labang.

I love the cozy ambiance and homey vibe at the 2nd floor with chandeliers and comfy sofas:

Then they started serving their most popular dishes that looks really appetizing and delicious:

Pulled Pork BBQ Burger with Fries - P230.00
I find this burger too overwhelming for because it really very big which I think would be good for 2-3 persons. I didn't enjoy the thick bun but the pulled pork is flavorful. The fries is super addictive with a generous amount of sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top.

Bolognese Pasta - P175.00
I like my pasta with white sauce so not really into their Bolognese Pasta. I also find it a bit ordinary which they also informed us before hand.
Red Hot Dory Burger - P250.00
I super love Cream Dory so this dish is one of my favorites. But be careful because the sauce can be very hot and spicy. Definitely a must try burger!

Sashimi Mango Sinigang - P299.00
I'm a fan of Salmon Sashimi and who wouldn't love Sinigang? They also gave it a special twist as they used Mango broth in this dish. Also a must try dish from Quim's.

Roasted Pork Belly in Choco-Bagoong Sauce - P259.00
This is a very delicious pork dish with a tender and flavorful meat and crispy skin. What's really interesting is that the sauce is made up of Bagoong with a mix of chocolate.

Moist Chocolate Cake
Save the best for last! This Moist Chocolate Cake is what they are giving away to those who registered for the 5M worth of cake slices. I think that the icing has a hint of dark chocolate and the cake is indeed moist. The slices are also huge and heavy which really gives you your money's worth. Love the brown icing, but not sure what it is. 

Quim's Cake has so many other dishes to offer. Check out their menu:

Menu photos grabbed from Quim's Cake Facebook Page

They also offer cupcakes,donuts, brownies and cookies that looks uber yummy!

They also do customized cakes, although I don't think they won't be accepting orders at the moment because they are now more focused on making the 5M worth of cakes for those who got email confirmations from them. 

We were also able to meet and interview Chef Jack Labang and we was really overwhelmed with how his viral post affected their bakeshop's popularity. Recently, local and international news agencies flocked their shop to interview him and to check out the place and he confirmed that sales indeed went up after the controversy. Thanks Chef Jack for the invitation and for letting us try some of your signature dishes and of course, your specialty cakes.

I definitely recommend that you try out Quim's Cake Bakeshop and Cafe and get to experience what they have to offer. You get delicious dishes and desserts at very affordable prices. They also offer their second floor as an events place for small and intimate celebrations. For more information and inquiries, you may contact them at 4134018 or message them on their Facebook Page. You can also follow them on their Instagram Account to get updates on their newest products and promos.

Quim's Cake Bakeshop and Cafe
38 Tomas Morato Ave, Quezon City
Quim's Cake Facebook Page

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