Review: Farm Stay Collagen Pure Cleansing Foam and Snail Repair Cream

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Being a blogger is very overwhelming and fun at the same time especially when you cover awesome events and media parties. Since I work during the day, I usually attend events from 5pm onwards, held at places that are quite far from home. Then once the event is done, I had to travel back home and do blog articles even for an hour or so. This routine seems like the main reason why my face has been feeling really old and wrinkly. Thanks to sir Card of Comm & Sense, I've found products that I can add to my skin regimen.

Farm Stay is a Korean brand that produces skin care products incorporated with "snail slime" which contains a perfect balance of proteins, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants that:
  • Stimulate production of elastin (skin's rubber band that makes skin snap back to its original shape after being stretched/contracted) and Collagen (supports in keeping the skin strong and firm)
  • Protects skin from harmful elements especially those that lead to premature skin aging
  • Prevents and repairs wrinkles by making skin firm, flexible and plump
  • Visibly tighten pores
  • Dramatically hydrates skin for a softer and smoother texture
  • Heals inflamed, irritated or damaged skin
I am currently using Farm Stay's Collagen Pure Cleansing Foam and the Snail Repair Cream and here's a quick review on both products:

First, let me take a "before photo" prior to using the products:

Excuse the haggard face lol
Then I washed my face using the Farm Stay Collagen Pure Cleansing Foam. The fine and rich foam completely removes make-up residues and old keratin without drying the skin. It also organizes the skin texture and keeps the skin clean and comfortable.

Just take a sufficient amount on hand and make enough foam, apply on the face, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Then I applied the Snail Repair Cream. It is a whitening and anti-wrinkle functional cream with snail mucin extract. It brightens up the skin by naturally managing the root cause of dull skin and old keratins. It also makes the skin clean by naturally managing the sebum and skin texture and provides a moisturized layer inside the skin to make it soft and hydrated. It can also help whiten the skin and decrease, if not eliminate skin wrinkle.

Just apply a thin layer of the cream and gently spread evenly on the face. Here's the "after photo":

I can honestly say that the Collagen Pure Cleansing Foam really made my face squeaky clean but didn't have that drying effect I got from other brands and the Snail Repair Cream definitely hydrated my skin and gave it a glowing effect which I love. 

Will be finishing both products and hopefully I will see amazing results in my skin after. Again, thanks to Mr. Card of Comm & Sense for letting me try these Farm Stay Products! 

For those who would like to purchase Farm Stay Products, these Korean skin care products are now available in the Philippines, thanks to McDell Healthcare Products Inc. McDell is a Filipino-owned company engaged in manufacturing, importing, marketing and distributing beauty, health and wellness products and they are the sole legal distributor of Farm Stay beauty products from Korea. Visit their Website to purchase Farm Stay products so you too can have a smooth and seemingly poreless skin that Koreans are known for. You can also follow them on Facebook to get updates on promos and new products from Farm Stay.

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