The Man’s Guide to Virtual Dating – Read This Before Swiping

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The last year has not exactly lent itself to singletons looking for love with social restrictions around the world hitting pause on the dating scene. Right now, the idea of meeting up with a stranger for a drink and a bite to eat seems crazy and interactions are limited to being via a screen.

Looking for someone was far from easy, anyway, even without the nuisance of a global pandemic. Men on popular dating apps (you know the ones we mean) frantically swipe right in the hope of initiating a conversation with a potential partner, but after the initial success of getting a response what do you do then?

Normally, you would make arrangements to meet up for a date at a bar or restaurant but, with that not currently on the cards, you have to think a little bit outside of the box. How are you supposed to woo your date without actually being able to meet up?

Here, we provide all men with the guide to virtual dating, covering what to do, what to wear and, crucially, how to act.

Arranging a Virtual Date

Like everything else since the pandemic first began, dating has moved online and potential matches converse over Zoom (or another video calling platform). However, if you think that sitting across a table from someone struggling for conversation is awkward, just wait until you are sat on a video call with little to no communication. The seconds will feel like minutes and the minutes will feel like hours. You can use the ‘you’re breaking up’ excuse, but you both know what is really happening.

Make sure that you attend your virtual date prepared. As the saying goes, if you fail to prepare than you should prepare to fail and the same goes for dating. Before your date, come armed with topics in mind to talk about that you can fall back on in case the conversation doesn’t flow as you would like. 

Sitting in front of someone new can be daunting for many people, so try and arrange it so as there is still an activity of some sorts. You can both order food to arrive at the same time (if you’re lucky, things might go to plan) and enjoy a romantic meal for two over Zoom.

Top tip: As you are dating via a screen, why not make the most of the opportunity to use a second screen with topics and questions you can refer to that you can use during your date? Your date doesn’t have to know a thing!

Dress to Impress

Even though you are in separate places, you should still dress to impress for your date. Even if you are sat at your kitchen counter, make an effort for your date as you wouldn’t turn up to a lavish restaurant wearing jogging bottoms and a ragged t-shirt. Wear something that is smart, even if you focus purely on the top half of your ensemble (after all, you’re not likely to be showing anything more than that).

Wearing your best aftershave may be a little bit pointless, but you can make up for this by donning your favorite accessories like rings with diamond hallmarks, stylish bracelet or a chain to accompany your outfit. Jewelry is a fantastic way to let your personality shown through, even when on a video call, adding an exclamation mark to your ensemble.

How to Act on a Virtual Date

Be kind and courteous as you would be normally. Listen to your date and ask about them, their life, family and interests. Don’t talk over them or make the fatal mistake of talking too much about yourself without asking about them because that will be a huge turn-off.

Also remember to look at the camera when talking to your date, because it can be a little distracting if you are facing away from the screen and may come across as though you are disinterested. Also, leave your phone alone – whether on a virtual or physical date, there is nothing ruder than sitting with her your attention on your phone when your date is supposed to have your undivided attention.

Don’t be Afraid to Fail

Just because a date doesn’t go well doesn’t mean you should take it to heart and question yourself. You simply may not have been compatible and that’s fine – as long as you were respectful, you have nothing to worry about. By all means, consider anything that you could improve on and learn from this for next time.

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