Shake Shack SM Megamall Branch

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Shake Shack's opening in the Philippines was a much awaited event since this restaurant is well-known, in the USA specifically in NYC, to provide the best tasting burgers in the city. It started as a food cart, then it gradually became a restaurant due to the high number of avid customers. Besides burgers, they also offer tasty hotdogs, frozen custard, shakes, beer, wine and a whole lot more.

They opened its doors in Manila last May 2019 at the Central Square BGC, followed by Greenbelt 5 branch last October 2019 and lastly, SM Mega Fashion Hall branch (SM Megamall) on December 6, 2019. I patiently waited for SM Megamall branch since it is the nearest among the three from where I live. Well, actually not too near but since I had some errands that day, I finally tried it out before going back home.

Since it just recently opened during the time I visited, line was a bit long. Another problem was there were only a few chairs and tables available for the customers as it was just an open area with crowd control stanchions around their vicinity. But I'm sure the food will be worth the wait so I started lining up.

Here is the menu for this branch:

As you can see, the food is quite expensive so I only ordered burger and fries.

Shack Burger (Single) - P 250.00

How it looks and from the price, I expected too much from this burger and I wasn't disappointed. It was very tasty, the burger was juicy, the veggies were fresh and the bun has a bit of sweetness to it and it was a little soft. I don't know if it was supposed to be like that but it was really delicious. Although it's not that big, it is just the right size for my preference. Two thumbs up for this Shack Burger.

Crinkle Cut Cheese Fries - P 180.00

This fries is good for one person with a generous amount of cheese sauce on top. Nothing special with this one. I didn't find it amazing compared to the burger plus it was quite expensive for fries. But I must it was crisp and not too salty. But not flavorful to my liking. 

Serving time was a bit long since there was too much people. Queue to be able to sit was also too long that my food was already served but I was still waiting for someone to finish eating to be able to start my meal. All this, I take into consideration that it was a newly opened restaurant. My burger was superb that  despite the circumstances, I will definitely come back again here with my family. 

To know more about Shake Shack, you can visit their Website and follow them on their Facebook Page and Instagram for updates. Have you tried here before? How was the food and your experience in general? Share what's your favorite item in the comment section below. Would love to hear from you!

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