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I'm sure a lot of you likes sweets, may it be cupcakes, chocolates, candies, brownies, cookies, ice cream, donuts, and other delicacies, but for me, I really love trying different cakes. So when my friend brought this huge Crumbs cake box with a flavor that is unfamiliar to me, I was down to give it a try. Although my friend didn't know what is the name of the cake itself, she said which place I can find the cake shop.

It is located at Al Khalidiyah, Al Mafraq, Najran, just in front of King Khalid Hospital near the last foot bridge with an Al Rajhi ATM on the other side. They offer cup cakes, donuts, chocolates and coffee but they have a wide range of sweets inside.

They also have imported sweets that the kids and the kids at heart will enjoy.

Different kinds of coffee are also available. You can choose instant, powder, coffee beans and even the capsules for your coffee machines.

To my surprise, they even have Costa Coffee and Dr. Pepper in their small refrigerator. 

First time we came, I showed the brother the cake I was looking for but he said it was not available because it was a best seller, which was the Lotus Cheesecake, so we decided to buy the regular Chocolate Cake.

I'm not really a fan of chocolate so I find the frosting same like others, nothing special. But my problem was the chiffon cake itself, it was not moist and there is a weird taste I was getting in every bite. So when we came back to Crumbs to look for the Lotus Cheese Cake, we were able to avail it on their small cups which, unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a photo. We also bought slices of different cheesecakes they have. Please don't mind the pan we used as plate. 😅

If I remember it correctly, these are Strawberry, Coffee and Mocha flavors. Although I'm not sure if that's what they are called. I loved all flavors, but maybe some might think they are too sweet for their liking. 

Last time I came to this cake shop, my friend bought two cute cakes, which I believe is an Ube and Strawberry Cake.

Between the two cakes, I liked the red more, not too sweet and the cake was moist. Really a great way to end a nice meal. The violet cake, for me, had too much artificial flavor to it. Cake is also moist but the icing was not good in my opinion. Problem with both, well I guess all icings with color, is it goes to your tongue, teeth and lips. We looked funny after eating the cake. 😆
By the way, the brothers in the store were very welcoming and courteous to us during all our visits. They even gave us free macarons and even gave the kid we were with, a popping candy. I'll definitely go back to Crumbs to try other sweets soon. Plus the prices are reasonable. 

So, if you are a sweet tooth like me, visit them and purchase desserts, may it be for a special occasion or just a regular day. Also, if you are interested to order customized cakes, they also create unique cakes for your preference. You can check out their Instagram Page to see their previous creations and to get their contact number. 

Have you been to Crumbs? What's your favorite item? Comment down below which sweets you've tried there.

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