Power Clean Chemicals: My new household buddies!

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Back then, receiving packages containing cosmetics makes me feel really happy and overwhelmed but little did I know that when I became a mom, my excitement with makeup lie lowed and guess what I am more ecstatic about getting these days, cleaning agents. Yes, you read it right! I love receiving products like powder/liquid detergents as well as dish washing liquid. Sounds weird, but that's the reality. Maybe there's just a change in priority when you already have kids. 

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I picked up a package at Oxychem Corp and these are the Power Clean Chemicals products inside: 

Power Clean Chemicals is just one of the brands under Oxychem Corp which primarily caters to basic cleaning solutions for the household, laundry, restaurants, car wash, spa and swimming pools. But it has now evolved into a "One-Stop-Shop" that provides Cleaning Chemicals, Supplies, Equipment, Pest Control Services and Cleaning Services. 

It is known for its high quality, safe to use and affordability features and if compared to known brands, it can definitely compete in terms of quality and you can get savings of up to 50%. What's even better is that they are very much concerned in quality control with an ISO Certification (ISO 9001-2015) on process.

I was able to get a powder detergent, liquid bleach, multi-purpose cleaner, dish washing liquid and a liquid hand soap and here's a brief background on each product and a bit of my experience in using them.

Wave Supreme High Density Detergent (1kilo) - P65.00
Power Clean Chemicals has 7 types of powder detergent: the Supreme, Premium, Superior, Ecko, Special, Ultima and Ultra and they differ in the level of surfactant that removes the dirt/grime in a fabric.

I was able to try the Wave Supreme High Density Detergent which is a high grade powder detergent especially formulated for all types of fabric. What I liked about it is that you only need a small amount to clean a bunch of soiled clothes, it doesn't contain chalk and if ever you need to soak clothes, it doesn't have that foul odor. 

Liquid Bleach (1liter) - P30.00
Power Clean Chemicals' Liquid Bleach is a mild and safe chlorine bleach which can be used as a disinfectant and an all-purpose and all-surface cleaner.

I prefer using this in cleaning the dirtiest part of our home, the toilet seat. It actually works pretty well even when combined with water. This can also be used to remove stains in white fabrics although I haven't tried that yet.

Dish Washing Liquid (1liter) - P65.00
Power Clean Chemicals' Dish Washing Liquid has anti-bacterial and intensified grease-cutting power.

What I look for in a dish washing liquid is that it should work well in greasy pans and dishes, it can clean a huge number of dirty dishes in just a small amount of product used and it can be easily rinsed off. Power Clean Chemicals lived up to my expectations and I highly recommend it.

Liquid Hand Soap (1liter) - P75.00
Power Clean Chemicals' Liquid Hand Soap has moisturizer and is for hospitals, clinics, kitchens, etc. It has 3 scents which are floral, green apple and lemon.

I got the Liquid Hand Soap with floral scent and I really loved the scent which is not too strong. You can clean your hand even with just a pea-size amount of product used. It can also be rinsed off easily which is always my main concern when it comes to soaps. 

Multi-Purpose Cleaner (1liter) - P70.00
Power Clean Chemicals' Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a liquid compound with degreasers and non-toxic emulsifier and surfactant for equipment, tiles, etc. Although I haven't tried this product yet, I'm planning to use this on tiles and counters soon. Hopefully, it would work well just like all the other Power Clean Chemicals products I've already used.

With more than 12 years in the market, Power Clean Chemicals have already gained the trust and confidence of its customers may it be a big, medium or small scale shops/restaurants and even at home and they currently have 35 Power Clean Outlets nationwide.

Definitely a brand worth trying! With its high quality products at affordable prices, I'm sure you'll easily fall in love with Power Clean Chemicals!

To know more about the products and services they offer and where you can purchase them, you can visit their Website and to get updates on their latest promotions, follow them on their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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