Christmas menu ideas at the Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest 2016

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There's approximately 50 days to go before Christmas and I am very excited to create my Noche Buena menu which is composed of very easy to cook and prepare food items. I am not good at cooking so I consider them as "experimental" dishes since I just get recipes from food websites, then I try to gather the ingredients that are a bit hard to find at the local supermarkets. So when I learned about an event called Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest 2016 happening this Sunday, I was thrilled and excited to check it out so that I may be able to finish my Christmas Menu.

The Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest 2016 is a yuletide themed food bazaar that composed of up and coming food merchants. This is a venue that gives these new "brands" a chance to showcase their products and specialties to the public in a very convenient setting due to its strategic location, high market traffic and the word-of-mouth advertising that can be very effective nowadays.

Happening this Sunday, November 6, 2016, at Trinoma Activity Center Quezon City from 11am-8pm, the 4th Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest will feature more than 30 food concessionaires that are very much ready to impress and wow those who will be trying out their sweet and savory specialties that will definitely taste delicious and delectable, thanks to Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream.

To give you a sneak preview as to what you can expect at the Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest 2016, here are 3 food merchants who will be there to serve us great food mixed with their passion in cooking and the "crema" that brings out the best in each creation:

Chef Jon's: Sumptuous, mouth watering cakes by Chef Joseph Sanvictores - created by a passionate, young and established baker, Chef Joseph Sanvictores gives credit to Alaska Crema for giving his cakes a distinct taste, "What I like about Alaska Crema is that it's a cream that is not too overpowering in sweetness; it has that balanced taste that works well for my cakes," he shares.

Since his bakery just opened recently, he truly appreciate how Alaska Crema gives bakers like him, value for money especially when he needs huge amounts of cream for his products. Joining the Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest, he hopes to reach out to a bigger market to introduce his creations specifically 4 variants of cake including their best seller called "Birthday Cake".

Southern Barbeque: Pinoy Favorite made different by Anna Tugas and Marsie La Sangre - a Filipino staple food loved by everyone will be offered differently with the help of Alaska Crema. This is definitely a must try. The owners, who are long-time friends with different businesses, tried to collaborate on this venture because they say that "it is very easy to make:, says Anna. With a physical store located at BF Homes neighborhood, they wanted to turn a common viand into something unique by creating a garlic sauce made out of Alaska Crema. The owners believe that joining this food fest will be a great marketing strategy and with its association with Alaska Crema, it would provide them the edge and exposure that will benefit Southern Barbeque.

Batter Up: Sweet brownies and cookies you can't help but nibble on by Florence Bayer - owned by someone who has been passionate for baking since high school, she started offering her creations back then to friends and family which truly became a hit especially her brownies. After ten years, Batter Up was born. This is her 2nd time to join the Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest and she is very excited to showcase 7 variants of baked goods including her signature brownies made with Alaska Crema. "I started using Alaska Crema by accident. I had to improvise because I was missing yogurt so I decided to use Alaska Crema with lemon instead. That made all the difference and had led me to create something that is well-loved by everyone," she shares. Bayer is looking forward to have an entirely different market to cater to as she gain more exposure through the food fest. 

These are just 3 out of the 30++ food merchants that you will get to see during the Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest this Sunday and I'm pretty sure that it would be a tummy-filling and enjoyable experience tasting products that are made with passion and of course, Alaska Crema. So guys, I'm inviting you to drop by at the Trinoma Activity Center this November 6, 2016 from 11am to 8pm and experience a fun and exciting food fest by Alaska Crema. See you there!

To learn more about the other food concessionaires, you can follow Alaska Cremas' social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram. During the event, make sure to use #MerryCremas2016 on your social media posts so everyone can check out what you have tried at the food fest.

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