How to keep safe when out at night

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Sometimes walking at night is a necessity - perhaps you’re leaving the office after working overtime, or coming back from drinks with your friends - maybe you are walking your dog, or perhaps you just want to go for a moonlit stroll. Whatever the circumstance, everyone deserves to feel safe when walking in the dark, but that’s not always the case.

Here are some ways you can keep safe at night.

Be seen

It’s crucial that vehicles can see you when you’re walking at night, so be sure to wear something reflective, especially if your walk takes you down unlit roads. If you are cycling, make sure you have front and rear lights, as well as bright or reflective clothing. If you do find yourself hit by a car, or another vehicle while walking, be sure to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Dallas for more support.

Let someone know where you are

A really simple way to keep safe is to text someone that you’re leaving, and perhaps share your expected ETA with them. Check in when you’re home, so that they know not to worry, or if they don’t hear from you in a set amount of time, agree that they will raise the alarm. If you can turn on the location-sharing feature on your phone so that someone you trust is able to see where you are if needed then do so.

Learn self-defense

Hopefully, you’ll never need to defend yourself, but it can really give you some peace of mind if you know what to do if you ever needed to. Just knowing a few basic self-defense techniques can make all the difference when it counts. Ideally, you should try and take a class, so you can practice the moves in a safe environment, but at the very least you should watch some videos online and familiarize yourself with the technique.

Stay in well-lit areas

Although it might be tempting to take a short cut down an alleyway, it’s not always worth the risk to do this. It might add a few more minutes onto your journey but if you are able, try to go down sidewalks with street lamps, and/or plenty of people around, or in front of stores or restaurants, just to feel a little safer.

Trust your gut

If something feels wrong, it might be, and it’s not worth the risk of ignoring that gut feeling. Have a mental plan for those moments - perhaps you will call a friend and give a code word so that they know you’re feeling anxious, or have a prepared script that makes it sound as though you’re just about to meet up with someone so that any potential attackers are scared off. Perhaps go into a restaurant or store and ask for help

from someone behind the counter.

Hopefully, if you consider these tips, you will feel confident enough to go out at night

and know how to keep yourself safe.

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