Four Key Benefits of Organic Skin Care

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Have you ever used organic skincare? Most cosmetic brands have switched to using natural ingredients for creating skincare products. Organic farming involves no use of petroleum fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other damaging chemicals.

The use of plant sources and essential oils not only protects the skin and body but also the environment. These ingredients are non-GMO, non-allergenic, and entirely nourishing. However, buyers aren’t supposed to trust every sticker that says “organic” until ensuring the product is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Have a look at the key benefits of organic skincare.

No unhealthy ingredients

Perhaps the most vital benefit of using organic skincare is the absence of harmful ingredients in
natural products. Non-organic products are believed to contain toxic chemicals, which find their
way into the skin of users and trigger numerous problems. Visit this page to check out twelve
ingredients everyone should avoid when buying makeup and skincare products.

When reading the labels, make sure the cosmetics you purchase contains no parabens,
nitrosamines, fragrances, phthalates, petroleum, aluminum, formaldehyde, and other chemicals.
Long-term use of non-organic skincare is likely to result in a buildup of harmful chemicals that
cause damage to the body. Besides leading to irritated derma, these chemicals might trigger a
fluctuation in hormone levels and toxicity of organs. 

Use of natural ingredients

Organic skincare products are prominent for the use of entirely natural ingredients. These are
grown without using additives, herbicides, pesticides, and other synthetic compounds, causing
no harm to the body. Organic cosmetics is abundant in vitamins and minerals, all of which
benefit the skin in their unique way. For instance, vitamin C is among the most frequently used

natural ingredients for skincare due to impeding the damage from free radicals. Also, this vitamin
plays a major role in reducing the signs of skin aging and providing derma structure support. In
contrast, vitamin A is touted to reduce skin dullness and restore its youthful appearance. In
addition, vitamin E is boasted for its antioxidant qualities, essential for wrinkle removal. There is
a variety of skincare brands providing organic and fair trade skin care products made with
non-GMO ingredients. Besides vitamins, organic cosmetics uses natural oils such as coconut
oil, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil. The fatty acids in coconut oil retain moisture and provide derma
protection. Similarly, cocoa butter improves nourishment and elasticity. 

Moreover, jojoba oil is miraculous when it comes to the health of your face and body. It’s an ingredient suitable for every skin type, rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids. It provides balance to individuals with oily derma, a soothing effect to those with sensitive derma, and hydration to people whose skin is dry. The non-irritating nature of jojoba oil makes it excellent in the treatment of acne and eczema, even psoriasis. 

Ultimately, the greatest number of organic skincare products are non-allergenic, as

manufactures don’t use chemicals in the production process. Consequently, users won’t be
susceptible to experiencing allergic reactions and inflammation


Your skin isn’t the only one that stands to gain from organic skincare. The environment benefits
from the use of natural cosmetic ingredients as well. For instance, rivers and lakes aren’t at risk
of pollution when such ingredients travel down the drain after washing your body and face.

Additionally, the process of manufacturing is even worse for the health of the environment.

Plenty of natural resources such as land, wildlife, and forests are exploited for the production of
non-organic skincare products. In contrast, chemical-free farming is known to be an
eco-friendly alternative, reducing the production of carbon dioxide, causing no pesticide
pollution, no hazardous waste, etc. Go here:
environmental impact of pesticides

Better smell

Unlike artificial fragrances, non-GMO ingredients provide a natural scent. The wonderful smell
of these products stems from the plants and essential oils used in their production. Natural
fragrances are believed to cause less irritation and allergies in users, but buyers are still
advised to test the product before making a purchase

Bottom line

It’s never too late to switch to organic skincare. You’ll be protecting your skin, health, and the environment at the same time. Give it some thought!

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