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A little while ago I had the opportunity to test an appliance that uses the slow cooking technique. A slow cooker is a pot that runs on electricity. It’s very easy to uses! You just put the ingredients in the pan, plug it in, put the lid and until it cooks. Find out more.

What is specific to this type of cooking is the long time needed to prepare your favorite dishes, which vary according to the food. The temperature ranges from high and low which allows you to play with the cooking time, depending on how fast you are or not.

For example, a well-made meat takes about 7 hours in Low mode and 3-4 hours in High mode, but each recipe has specific recommendations depending based on the ingredients used.

I will tell you how this appliance persuaded me to give up frying in the pan or boiling traditional soup on the stove. And, above all, it has led me to give up the idea of buying an oven.

Eat healthier

The instapot pressure cooker also helps in trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, most of those who use it, mentioned that they had given up on oil, and so have excluded that to their cooking regimen. Those who are already using the appliance also mentioned the lack of steam from the kitchen and even the unpleasant smell of food is lessened.

Cleaning the pot is also very easy. The Slow cooker uses a ceramic bowl that can be inserted even in the dishwasher and is easy to clean, especially as you will no longer encounter the problem of sticking food on the bottom of the cooking pot.

This concept of food preparation has gone to another level. Why should you be happy with the half-baked goods that you heat, or even with cold food when time does not allow you more when there are saving solutions? A slow cooker can be the best friend of the family, who is waiting for you with hot food on the table after a busy day.

I let the slow cooker for a few days wait in the box until I figure it out and document myself exactly how to cook food with electricity. But, above all, I wanted to be convinced that in the many hours they will be under the lid the dishes will come out tasty and will not be lacking the nutrients I needed so much, especially at the beginning of the spring.

Save time and effort

Many of the slow cooker recipes are as simple as possible. Just add the ingredients, and the cooking machine takes care of the rest without the need for surveillance.

The Slow cooker uses a low and controlled continuously temperature, which allows the preservation of water-soluble enzymes and vitamins and limits the degradation of thermolabile vitamins, thus ensuring a healthy diet. The ability to manage the temperature and cooking time for storing nutritional quality through the slow cooking technique are solutions to be able to cook healthily and save time in the kitchen. This range of products responds to the needs of active people, concerned about a healthy lifestyle, and many types of preparation provide a healthy solution for every moment of the day. 

Said and done! With the theory I learned, I went to the practical side. We started with chicken and potatoes at the slow cooker. Moreover, the results did not disappoint me at all. Well, I can say I was amazed. I did not expect to eat such tender meat and the potatoes at the same time be made perfect, not terrible.
We mixed the ingredients, put them in the slow cooker, set the time and temperature and in about three hours we already enjoy the most fabulous dessert lately. I'll leave you some pictures of what's out there, do not think I'm talking unknowingly.

Pork Chops recipe

To begin with, you need to put the pork chops, add salt and crushed pepper, and then wrap it in bacon slices. Then put the chopped bacon piece in the removable bowl and put it on the fire and roast for 2-3 minutes on each side. Put the potatoes on the edges, add the rest of the spices and add 50 ml of water. 

It would help if you then put the lid, set the low function for 7 hours, and after this time the appliance will enter the hot storing capacity to keep the food warm (up to 4 hours) until serving. Try it out!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored guest post.

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