3 Places to visit when traveling to Santa Barbara

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The year is winding down, and it’s time to reward yourself for a job well done all year long. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been up to; you deserve a vacation.

In as much as vacations are a time to relax and have fun, your destination choice can set the pace for your next year. It can also help you appreciate life a lot more and discover yourself. That said, where should you jet off to for a vacation?

To start with, fine-tune all the facets of your travel so that you have no last minute worries. Select a destination early, book accommodations and find out what you’ll do when there. Yes, spontaneity is thrilling, but sprinkling spontaneity into a plan is even better.

Your destination is Santa Barbara, and you’ve made a fantastic choice since this is a famous Spanish style town in California. Your experience from the minute you arrive is worth writing home about, especially the breathtaking architectural designs, waterfronts lined with palms, mountain cover, Santa Barbara Chocolate, and alluring sunsets.

The graceful town is welcoming and warm like home but better. Many of the tourist attractions in Santa Barbara are close to each other. Therefore, you have an opportunity to experience the town in its entirety.

Additionally, you get to join in the festivals that take place in the town. Therefore, here are three areas you should not skip when you visit Santa Barbara.

Three places to visit when traveling to Santa Barbara

•    Mission Santa Barbara

The most iconic landmark in the city is worth a visit to the picturesque setting. The mission’s style is a significant influence on architecture in the town. While you’re at the Mission, don’t forget to pop into the museum that holds exquisite art pieces from the colonial period and other artifacts.

La Huerta old garden is another spot you can’t afford to miss. There are mission-era plants like pomegranates, grapes, citrus, and the prickly pear. A stroll around the Mission Santa Barbara will help you relax and learn about the Spanish colonial era.

•    Stearns Wharf

If you’re searching for breathtaking views of the calming beaches and ocean, Stearns Wharf is the place to be. You’ll also experience the beautiful pink glow of the daylight against the Santa Ynez mountains that are the perfect backdrop for a lazy afternoon.

Besides the views, Stearns Wharf has many shops and restaurants where you can indulge in indigenous cuisine and shop unique things. The Barbara museum of natural history is also close by, and you can drop by and wind up with a relaxed ice-cream and views-filled evening.

The Lil' toot water taxi from the Santa Barbara Harbor is a kid favorite and a great way to keep your kids excited while on vacation. Some of the best beach resorts in Santa Barbara are also in Stearns Wharf which means you can choose to stay there.

•    Lotusland

It would be an injustice to skip a visit to one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Lotusland is a botanical collection of amazing displays that are bound to soothe away your stress. The dramatic presentation of beautiful, breathtaking plants will make your Santa Barbara memorable.

To sum up

You have so many places to visit and stay while in Santa Barbara. The above three areas should be at the top of your list. They’ll help you kick off your Santa Barbara stay in glamorous style.

If you’re traveling with kids, Santa Barbara is a family-friendly destination that features many kid activities and adventures. That doesn’t mean that you’re left doing kids stuff, you also get to have your fun. Not forgetting shopping in the malls, hiking and watching humpback whales.

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