JBL's Reflect Aware earphones with noise cancellation is now available in Power Mac Center

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I've been a music lover my whole life. My dad used to teach me how to sing way back when I was just 3 years old and I can still remember how I try to grab onto the microphone to sing every song that plays in the karaoke and avoid sharing it with others. When I became a student, I regularly sing in school programs to entertain the crowd and because of that, my mom decided to enroll me in a music school for voice lessons. Fast forward to college when I started singing with a band and it became my job for 5 years.

It's fun to sing in a band but I should always be updated with the current LSS and even the oldest songs requested during gigs. I had to learn the songs wholeheartedly by listening to it whenever I can so that I can memorize the melody and of course, the lyrics. I am that kind of a music lover, but I think I've never bought any expensive gadget that can help me with my craft. The only thing that I received that became one of my priced possession was my JBL Flip 3. Great sounds, awesome design, long battery life, splash-proof and the best part, I got it as a raffle prize. I really fell in love with this gadget and knowing that it is JBL, it indeed has powerful sounds coming out from this compact item.

This started my interest with JBL, although I'm not really thinking of buying any because since it's an award winning brand, it can be quite pricey. So when I received an invitation to attend a JBL event, I hurriedly confirmed my attendance, thanks to Sir Ian of Think Big Events. 

The Power Mac Center and JBL launch event took place last December 7, 2016 at Ride Revolution Steps Studio. We had to wear any Neon Sports attire so I got to use my neon orange racer back at the event even though it didn't fit me well. Anyways, the event was to launch JBL's newest product: JBL Reflect Aware earphones which is the world's first sport earphones with noise cancellation and adaptive noise control. This means that it provides the user awareness with his/her surroundings and at the same time, has the best-in-class noise cancellation to let you focus on your workout.

During the program hosted by one of JBL's brand ambassador Sam YG, people from JBL explained further what the Reflect Aware is all about.

Since it is JBL, expect that Reflect Aware has its signature engineering of precise, naturally articulated sound that you can appreciate in high-end cinemas, arenas and recording studios around the world. It also has a unique reflective design with eye-catching and tangle-free cables, best for athletes who prefer exercising at night. The ergonomic fit keeps the earpieces in place no matter how intense the workout gets. Sweat-proof, water resistant, and easy to clean, the JBL Reflect Aware doesn’t have any batteries because it draws power and digital audio directly from the lightning connector on Apple devices.

JBL Reflect Aware with Lightning connector - SRP P8,490
“Quality and style are foremost in our criteria of choosing a retail partner. JBL surpassed that and with the continuous innovations that it provides, Power Mac Center couldn’t be happier to carry JBL products in our stores,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

You really can't go wrong with a top brand like JBL which has been creating such state of the art products for more than 60 years. They've made world renowned headphones, earphones, hands-free devices, premium speakers, and home theater systems and recently, they launched a comprehensive consumer-focused family of sports and lifestyle headphones, including a collaboration with sports brand Under Armour® for the Sport Wireless Heart Rate, a headphone that features in-ear heart rate monitoring with touch control for on-demand access to heart rate.

JBL Reflect Response - SRP P7,490
 JBL Reflect Mini BT - SRP P4,990
JBL Reflect Mini - SRP 2,490
“Consumers these days expect no compromise in value and design under varying activity and lifestyle conditions. We’re extremely pleased to expand our range of models to be one of the industry’s most comprehensive families of sport and lifestyle headphones, specifically designed to amplify everyday experiences,” said Larry Secreto, Country Head at JBL by HARMAN.

To show how impressed she is with JBL's products, brand ambassador Sofia Andres also graced the event where in she shared a bit of her experiences in using JBL earphones. 

Of course, we were also able to try a JBL earphone, specifically the Grip 200 which is an action sport headphone during our spin class with one of Ride Revolution's instructor, Ms. Ida Paras. 

I enjoyed this tiring and fun event and I would like to thank sir Ian of Think Big Events and sir Erwin of CID Communication for inviting me on a momentous event. If you want to learn more about JBL's products, you may visit their Website and if you want to get updates on promos and new offerings by following them on their social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to check out the JBL Reflect Aware Sport Earphones, they are now available in all Power Mac Centers nationwide. You may also check out their Website and Social Media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get to know more about the newest products available in-store.

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