Great Expectations: A must visit shop for every expectant mother

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I don't usually buy clothes because my parents have a garments business and there's just too many clothes at home that I can use. But since I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate from a store called Great Expectations during the Mommy Bloggers Philippines' Christmas Party, I decided to check out the nearest boutique located at Trinoma which is 5 minutes away from my work.

Great Expectations Maternity is inside the Great Kids boutique and they offer matching dresses for moms and daughters. But since I'm not expecting anytime soon, I decided to use the gift certificate to buy something for my daughter. 

They have a wide range of items from dresses, tops, jacket, skirt, shorts and pants that are made of different types of fabric such as cotton, flax, wool and silk as well as denim and rayon.

I also checked out their Maternity Section and I loved that they are very much modern and fashionable. They are actually figure-flattering that will make you feel very proud to show your baby bump. Of course, the discounted items all over the store is a plus for thrifty moms like me.

Another thing that I love about the store is that they have a free doll promo for those who will purchase selected premium great kids holiday dresses. What's even cuter is that the doll is also wearing the same outfit that you bought for your little girl. 

There's a lot of clothes to choose from but these are the two items that I got for my daughter:

Dress - P650.00 (Discounted Price)
Shorts - P450.00 (Discounted Price)
Great Expectations Maternity and Nursing is indeed a must-go-to store for every mom-to-be as it offers comfortable yet very fashionable clothes at affordable prices. I recommend that you check out Great Expectations boutique near you as well as Great Kids stores for your little ones as well. I would like to thank Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Great Kids Trinoma for the experience!

If you want to know more of what Great Expectations Maternity has to offer and to get updates on ongoing promos, follow them on their Social Media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.

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