Let's celebrate World Sleep Day 2016 with PSSM and Uratex!

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In celebration of this year's World Sleep Day, the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine (PSSM), the primary organization that aims to promote sleep medicine health care in our country, has partnered with Multiflex RNC Philippines, Inc (makers of Uratex foam and mattress products) to provide awareness on how to achieve a good, healthful and restful sleep through various lectures and workshops on different sleep-related concerns for adults and children. 

With World Sleep Day 2016's slogan: "Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream", they decided to educate and impart knowledge to attendees through PSSM's 10th annual symposium entitled: "Sleep Matters: Discovering the importance of Sleep" last March 17-19, 2016 at the EMG Auditorium of the Lung Center of the Philippines.

Thanks to PSSM and to all the other organizations that advocate the importance of getting a good sleep, their drive to educate people is truly a big help for us. Helping us to be knowledgeable on this topic, which seems to be somewhat neglected by many, is truly important as it shows us the reality that lack of sleep and everything related to restlessness can indeed cause health problems in the future. Even the mattresses and other sleep paraphernalia have effects on whether it could provide us good rest or the other way around.

During the talks, speakers were able to impart topics such as the elements of a "Good Sleep":
  • Duration - sufficiency of sleep to become well rested and alert on the following day
  • Continuity - sleep time should never be disturbed
  • Depth - should be deep enough to be restorative or invigorating
It was also emphasized that "Quality Sleep" is very crucial to achieve good health and quality of life as it aids in a person's day-to-day functioning and even in a child's overall growth and development.

Another interesting topic discussed during the symposium was the 10 Commandments of Sleep Hygiene (according to the World Association of Sleep Medicine/WASM):
  1. Have a fixed bedtime and waking up time
  2. No daytime sleeping in excess of 45 minutes
  3. Avoid excessive alcohol intake or smoking 4 hours before bedtime
  4. Avoid intake of caffeine (coffee, tea, sodas, chocolate) 6 hours before bedtime
  5. Avoid heavy, spicy or sweets 4 hours before bedtime (light snack is acceptable)
  6. Exercise regularly but not before bedtime
  7. Use a comfortable bedding
  8. Find a comfortable temperature when sleeping inside a well-ventilated room
  9. Block out distracting noise and lessen the lighting as much as possible
  10. Limit the use of the bed to just sleeping
I admit that I've been doing a lot of these things and I guess I should start changing my habits and stick to these Sleep Hygiene Commandments. 

Apart from PSSM, Uratex also have their own advocacy when it comes to promoting good sleep in our country. 

“Uratex has always been humbly supporting efforts to promote good sleep, a much-needed bodily activity that unfortunately many people do not pay attention to or perhaps, do not know how to achieve it because of various reasons. Simply put, it all boils down to adapting to a more healthy and less-stressed lifestyle, a positive mindset toward life, and choosing the correct mattress depending on the body’s shape and contours, and this is where Uratex can help,” explains Dindo Medina, Corporate Sales Director of Multiflex RNC Philippines.

Known to be the country's sleep specialist, Medina said that Uratex will continue to develop and bring innovative mattresses and other sleep solutions to provide a healthy and superior sleep to the Filipinos.

Indeed, both PSSM and Uratex share the same goal towards imparting to people the advantages of having a good sleep. It was such a very informative experience to be able to attend PSSM's 10th annual symposium. Thanks to Mr. Richard Mamuyac of Astigmachismis and to Mr. Jerome Samson of AMPR Publicity and Communications, Inc for the opportunity.

For more informative articles regarding Sleep, you may visit PSSM's website. To know what Uratex has in store for everyone, please check out their Website or you may call Uratex Consumer Hotline: 8886800.

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