51Talk's first Teachers Development Conference for 2016 was a success

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Every bright student has an equivalently knowledgeable teacher. Students learn a lot, if not all, from their teachers and this is the very reason why teachers/educators want to be updated and refreshed through development courses and conferences as much as possible. 

That is the goal of 51Talks (largest online English school in China and in the Philippines with more than 5,000 home-based Filipino teachers) as they started their first Teachers Development Conference earlier this month at Angeles, Pampanga. Hundreds of 51Talks teachers coming from different parts of Central Luzon attended the event to grab the opportunity to meet and mingle with their co-teachers, learn new things and share their best practices. A talent show was also presented by teachers during the event to entertain the attendees and the conference ended with the awarding of the region's top online English teachers.

Teacher Dalo, 30 years old, from Angeles City said, "Having the right attitude towards work helped me earn the Top Teacher award (for Central Luzon). I learned to teach, because I relied heavily on the trainings and family-like support that 51Talk provided." With that being said, Teacher Dalo won the grand prize which is a new laptop.

Teacher Alexei, 30 years old and also from Angeles City, is another Central Luzon top teacher awardee shared that "Because of my 51Talk Lesson Support team and trainers, I am more empowered to teach. It’s become my habit to spend as much time as I can to teach students, and I ensure that every student receives quality time for every lesson they take with me."

Besides conference such as this, 51Talks develops its online English teachers through full online support and continuous training. As for their career growth, top senior teachers can advance to home-based online trainer posts. These online teachers earn based on the hours they put in and in the quality of the lessons they give. 51Talks also have different incentive programs that teachers can get involved in. A teacher can actually earn more than an average full-time job salary while top earners can take home as much as P80,000.00 a month. 

As a 51Talks online teacher, they instantly carry a very noble responsibility which is to help Chinese students learn English that they can use either in career advancement or in their personal development. For those interested and want to learn more about how to be a 51Talks online teacher, you may visit their website now.

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